World To Come

Luke Tanner, a member of the United States Uniformed Services and avid Monster Girl Encyclopedia fan, finally returns home for the holidays, only to be shocked to see ravenous mamono invading his hometown. He and a friend encounter a powerful sorcerer that sends him far into the future. Alone and confused, Tanner must journey forth to find out what awaits him in this strange new world ruled by powerful, God-like beings.

Childhood Memories: Fragments of another time

Childhood Memories: Fragments of another time is a bit of a difficult story. I won’t pretend its my best, but… I started on it in 2015 shortly after The Beckoning Sky (also on TFT), wanting to expand on Mi-Fi and Natty. And on their time. Iris and her family came along naturally, as did Uzumi and Lael. Also the most popular band of all time. But then writer’s block hit and a pretty bad time in my life did as well. Consequently, a part of the original intent with the story was lost or altered. I finished it last year, but its kind of odd.

In this story (sorry for using just the one post) we follow up on Aosagi Mi-Fi and Natty from The Beckoning Sky as they return to their childhood home, meet new friends and have an adventure that takes them across Praxis and time. I really do hope that you’ll enjoy reading it. Please leave a comment if you do. Or a critique if you don’t.

Twilight of The Gods: Mnemosyne (4)

Further into the frozen north our companions press on. The Mage Kevin, caught in the catatonia of The Mage’s Path, the Cheshire Kylie, fighting against a scorn that is not her own, the mysterious Reitia, destined to bear a weight incomprehensible to her companions, all at once fearful of it, and Samuel, eldest and wisest of the resonants, coming to terms with the potential end of his millenia-old order. Apophis, Midnight Serpent, Dark Goddess, continues her machinations, and Chastisement, the Scorn of Ammit continues its campaign, absent the temperance of the wise and ancient Keepers of the Dead. The world hurtles forward towards oblivion, and all hope seems lost, for the Blessed come too early, and the Blessing, far too late…