For the Valentines event we had 11 story entries and 3 art pieces. All should be related to Valentines in a certain way or form. All participants had 2 weeks to work on a submission.

First off the Art submissions:

Aasa by Axem
Lich by Critnuke
The Spirit Of Valentines by Eyepop

Second, the story submissions:

Nemo –
johanlitvisk –
Abaggijawah –
AceTheWritefag –
Ochiverde –
Losenis –
rserenity –
AshenM –
Breakaway Republic –
Shock Heaven –
stolendonut –

Scoring was done between 5 judges with different tastes. End results are as follows:

1-3 points given for the three places

1st place – Axem (12 points)
2nd & 3rd place – Critnuke and Eyepop (both 9 points)

In a quick tiebreaker decision, Eyepop came ahead.

0-10 points given depending on both objective and subjective opinions

1st place – rserenity (41.9 points)
2nd place – AceTheWritefag (39.1 points)
3rd place – AshenM (38 points)

Abaggijawah (35.4 points)
Losenis (35.3 points)
Breakaway Republic (32.1 points)
johanlitvisk (31.7 points)
Ochiverde (24.5 points)
Nemo (22.1 points)
stolendonut (21.5 points)
Shock Heaven (19 points)

A more detailed breakdown and feedback will be made available for the writers from each judge and upon request.

Steam prizes will go out to everyone who participated. Thank you everyone for putting in the effort and the time to take part in this. I will contact everyone independently with the pool of Steam Gifts I have prepared and the winners will get first pick of the pile from top down.