Twilight of The Gods: Mnemosyne (4)

Further into the frozen north our companions press on. The Mage Kevin, caught in the catatonia of The Mage’s Path, the Cheshire Kylie, fighting against a scorn that is not her own, the mysterious Reitia, destined to bear a weight incomprehensible to her companions, all at once fearful of it, and Samuel, eldest and wisest of the resonants, coming to terms with the potential end of his millenia-old order. Apophis, Midnight Serpent, Dark Goddess, continues her machinations, and Chastisement, the Scorn of Ammit continues its campaign, absent the temperance of the wise and ancient Keepers of the Dead. The world hurtles forward towards oblivion, and all hope seems lost, for the Blessed come too early, and the Blessing, far too late…

Chronicles of the Pax: Pandemonium (4)

The revelation of Jessie’s true nature, as well as continued pressure from traditionalist landholders threatens Charles’s vision of a more egalitarian Caladon. Meanwhile Samuel makes a startling discovery on the nature of resonance, one which gives him a rare insight into the workings of the ancient world. Lloyd is presented with the most precious secret and treasure of the Tyrisian faith, and finds himself swept up in a destiny which cannot be avoided. Maou, the Demon Lord, sets in motion her own plans, desperate to undo her mistake before the feared twilight, but the question still remains unanswered, Can Human and Mamono ever truly coexist? Or is one species truly destined for oblivion? And when Gods take hands in the affairs of mortals, can any truly be free of their commandments?