Paved With Good Intentions Chapter 1

Jacob thought he had his life all figured out. While many of his peers dreamt of grand adventures Jacob envisioned a more mundane lifestyle for his future. Unfortunately his idyllic life fell apart one day with the sudden appearance of a Valkyrie. Suddenly he is thrown headfirst into a thousand year war between humans and monsters that is not at all as black and white as the church would paint it. As he struggles to do what he thinks is the right thing he soon learns that the road to hell is often paved with good intentions.


After failing to defend a village from a band of roving Orcs, Bevan finds himself the only survivor of the battle. Taken prisoner by their capricious leader for reasons unknown to him, his fate becomes unclear, as her intentions become ever more confusing.

Harem Heroes: Heaven’s Gold Spear / chapters 18-21

David and Silas confront each other. Ophelia takes Delilah’s deal to make her more powerful and seductive. The attack of Vasherton is close. Cold winds blow, and the hunt for the Sands of Plenty and the Chalice of Eternity begins. Its a race between the 78th division of the Overlord’s army, and Vasherton’s leaders.

Child of the Australs: A Paladin named Phillip (3)

Having successfully completed your task to ratify the new Baron of Esperance, and avoiding the advances of his proposing Ambassador, you took the Leviathan Skull to Wagyl, the Mythical Rainbow Serpent of the West Australs. As a reward, you were presented with a Matrix of Resonance. Against the advice of your Mamono companions, you tested yourself against it in an empty stable back at Gibson Holding, and managed to survive the process, awakening as a Resonant, a human capable of reworking reality by will alone, through the mysterious force known only as the Logos. Learning to use your abilities has been a slow process, having neither teacher nor lore with which to study, and the unknown consequences of being a ‘wilder’ hindering you from exploring it openly.

Successfully negotiating with Juni, the Tanuki Agent of the Underwriting firm Tenno and Goldstein, you have increased your transport capacity, and secured a job transporting coinage to the Mining city of Boulder, two weeks travel inland. You had secured the services of Chun-Hua, a taciturn, deadly Jinko mercenary to protect the precious payload, and had agreed to transport a mysterious passenger, revealed in a hot-tempered argument to be a Manticore, an endangered and oft-maligned species of Mamono.

The revelation of your Resonant ability to your new acquaintances was a touch rocky, Chun-Hua reacting with utter terror. Her own experiences with Resonants, known as ‘Sifu’ in the Aestenlands were much less than cordial, and it took the bonding experience of a hunt with Blue for her to gradually come to realize that you were not the same as those she had encountered. A short, ugly fight with a trio of raiders from the IMFC had served to bond you somewhat closer as well, and the remainder of the trip was blissfully dull.

Morrigan, the manticore, however, presented you with a new conundrum, as her ‘mate’ turned out to be a turncoat Paladin, who had abandoned his post with the Faith Militant to live as a simple Townsman, blessedly anonymous amongst the populace of Boulder. The question then was… what to do from here?

Twilight of The Gods: Mnemosyne (4)

Further into the frozen north our companions press on. The Mage Kevin, caught in the catatonia of The Mage’s Path, the Cheshire Kylie, fighting against a scorn that is not her own, the mysterious Reitia, destined to bear a weight incomprehensible to her companions, all at once fearful of it, and Samuel, eldest and wisest of the resonants, coming to terms with the potential end of his millenia-old order. Apophis, Midnight Serpent, Dark Goddess, continues her machinations, and Chastisement, the Scorn of Ammit continues its campaign, absent the temperance of the wise and ancient Keepers of the Dead. The world hurtles forward towards oblivion, and all hope seems lost, for the Blessed come too early, and the Blessing, far too late…

Adventure of Rekka – Ch. 01-06

“What the FUCK is going on?!” he shouted.

Her eyes flashed larger trails of fire as she grinned down at him and responded cheerfully.

“That’s exactly what’s goin’ on if you’d just let me down!  You’re kinda strong for a man, ain’t cha? Normally this’d all be over but the screamin’!”

For your consideration: the tale of a cynical prick who finds his way to a world of monster girls and the shenanigans which follow.

Twilight of the Gods: Oannes (3)

The fall of an Empire, the scourging of a continent, the despair and starvation of the deeps… A Paladin, A Handmaiden, A Pilgrim and the Daughter of a Fallen God, their seemingly hopeless quest becoming more desperate before they can even leave the Westerlands. The Grand Lodge of the Resonant, the titanic source of the Resonant’s reality-warping power, lies fallow and silent, The Logos Mnemosyne still cloistered with her oldest friend, Samuel the Caladonian, as he desperately searches for some knowledge of the past that can tip the balance in the favour of those still Loyal to Maou, Tyris and Ammit. As the burden borne by Reitia, the Rafnsdottir, becomes more and more evident, can her sister Jelena offer her any succor?

Twilight of The Gods: Reitia (1)

Time continues its stately march, and Corvus, Son of Maou and Tyris is acclaimed as Raven of the North, Saviour of all that lives, and Penultimate Lord of the World. Through the century and more since the War of the Angels, His Echidna Wife, Lyssa, has been annointed as Nagarani of the triune city-state of Hamunapt, Heliopolis and Memphis, effectively making her an Empress in her own right, and her empire waits with baited breath for the birth of their first child. Yet as is its wont, Reality itself rumbles with the beginnings of potentially catastrophic change. The question is, can the fledgling utopia so hard won survive its shift?

(Another entry in the continuing story begun in ‘Chronicles of the Pax’ and ‘Tales of the Walker’. I would recommend reading those first.)