Adventures Across Time – Returning to the Present (Results!)

I feel obligated to apologize profusely for the delay in finalizing this contest. Part of this delay was due to me suddenly coming down with sickness the previous week. Now I must say that there was a lot of enthusiasm in the community for this competition’s writing prompt, however, other obligations in life obstructed many of our potential contestants. Thus, the turnout ended up being dismally below my expectations. But despite this, I am remaining a man of my word, so instead of cancelling the competition the contestants that did participate will be rewarded.

  • First Place goes to long time writer of this site Coyo with the Time Squad-esque romp Chrono-Crisis.
  • Second Place goes to a newcomer to our community that (currently) goes by SuperDan56 on Discord with the western Love Birds.
  • Third Place goes to a writer with a bright future in this community, Laaren, with the story Perspective
  • Fourth Place unfortunately goes to no one.

The Judges for this competition were myself and the writers Monte Carlo (a certified Historian) and Sukiru Ikeda. The two entries were rated on two 5 point scales, one for overall plot and the other for the overall utilization of history.

Winners will be contacted shortly for prize distribution. Despite the poor turnout for this competition I look forward to hosting another writing event in the future and hope that historical fiction will continue to find an audience on TFT.

First major maintenance 2020

I will implement a whole lot of updates and a new WordPress release today. Shit may break. Currently running large scale backups for the site and I will have a go at it. In case something is wonky, just wait for 15 minutes and refresh.

large site is large

Maintenance should be over within the next 3 hours, heads up will be given on Discord.


Winter Writing Event

The final competition of 2019. For anyone that made their New Year’s resolution to be write more stories, this is the last chance you’re getting before the holiday season kicks into full gear.

Now, for this event, I will be hosting not one but two competitions. The first competition will begin on the 29th of November and will end on the 13th of December. The rules will be posted here just before the beginning of the competition and on the TFT Discord.

The second competition will be a speed writing competition, lasting a total of 48 hours. This will happen immediately after the two-week competition, so on the 13th until 15th of December, and will have its own rules. The rules will be posted here just before the beginning of the competition and on the TFT Discord.

Both competitions will begin and end at 2200 EST, 1900 PST, 0300 UTC (the following day).
I will post a link to a timer for the deadlines within the rules.

Here is the timer for when the first event begins.


Submit your story to me directly via Discord, I will be in the TFT Discord. You are free to post your stories on TFT once you finish them. If you do not want to use Discord or can’t for whatever reason, just comment on the announcement with a link to your story.


Must involve one of the following monster girls as a major character or a minimum of two as minor characters: Bicorn, Echidna, Hellhound, Unagi Joro, Apophis, Pharaoh, Wight

Must take place during the winter (No holiday requirement, but you can if you want)


No reusing old/published stories

Cannot reuse the same story for both competitions

Maximum 25,000 words length

Countdown Timer


Must involve one of the following monster girls as a major character or a minimum of two as minor
characters: White Horn, Elf, Dark Elf, Glacies, Ice Queen, Yuki-Onna, Tsurara-Onna

Must take place during a major holiday in the winter (Xmas, New Years, Kwanzaa, etc.)


No reusing old/published stories

Cannot reuse the same story for both competitions

Maximum 25,000 words length



1st Place – $25 Steam Voucher
2nd Place – $15 Steam Voucher
3rd Place – $5 Steam Voucher

Voucher can be exchanged for any other online gift card of equal value or purchase of a game on steam/gog/etc of similar value upon request.


Entries will be scored by a series of judges who will not be participating in the competition.

As a reminder the rules for these events will be announced within this very post when the time of their listed starting dates begins.

Until then, good luck.

Some cleaning

Heads up, we’re getting a ton of spam registrations, so I have cleaned out the user database.

If you never commented, rated or sent messages or did anything with your account, chances are your user account might have gotten removed in the process. Of course you can always register again.


Bird’s Eye View Quick Update- Artwork, Profile Added

Still working on Chapter 6, but I managed to commission some artwork of Perri Greene the falcon harpy- the narrator’s homestay in Bird’s Eye View.

The pictures are by Tipsypaipai, and I was so pleased with how they came out I thought I’d share them (I did the text of the ‘Perri’s Secrets’ profile, though).

In all likelihood, Akagane the Tanuki lawyer will be next.

Perri playing keep-away with the narrator’s Stetson.
Perri Greene the falcon harpy admiring her new favorite food.
Bonus art- Perri seems upset about something.

Update on Gamedevelopment on Twitter

In case you are not on the Discord or not following the Twitter or both, here is a link for you.

Things still missing before we hit the alpha release:

  • Better item management (weapons and armor are important and not exactly optional)
  • Experience (we got the battles running, now you need to level up)
  • Better UI (not intuitive right now, especially not the party management)
  • Sound Effects (falconpunch.wav)

Yep. Last stretch.


Beautiful feedback

So apparently someone is trying to mirror the whole site:

First off, unregistered user. Couldn’t even be bothered to login. Secondly, I have been keeping the site up and running and safe from EU laws and content theft for years now. Third, if you’re so concerned about the site, there is a nice big Patreon link on the right side that will allow me to upgrade the hardware and get us more speed.

I have kept the site up completely free for years, now I get donations to cope with the traffic. (It’s just a little more traffic!) If you want to have the site faster, please support it. I don’t even have any advertising running anywhere.

As for backups, I make backups regularly.

I don’t upload content, the artists upload content because they trust me to provide a stable platform. If you have no faith, by all means, go and make your own site. More sites are always better. But at least make sure to leave control in the artists hands.

At the very least, I’d assume you’d have the balls to come to the official Discord and ask me directly.