Week(s) in Review 08/02 – 08/16

ManyEyedHydra added Red Lipped Succubus and Freshwater Cnidarian-Girl
Losenis added Don’t Doubt Druella
Astrumratio added Mari’s Journey Ch 1
ochiverde1 added It Was All…, Caramel Sweet, Don’t Forget to Lock The Door, and Red Oni Greentext
BreakawayRepublic added Bachelorsville, Texas Chapter 1 and Bachelorsville, Texas Introductions
Lightningflare added Royal Date and Wright Scales
Jexx added Working as a Phone Sex Operator… Intro and Two
Acethewritefag added Yeti Hugs and Sam

KukuRuyo updated Monster Girls on Tour

.less has a Patreon, your shekels are forfeit.

Girl of the Week is:


The Barkeeper


There has been a rumor floating around about the ‘barkeeper’. She has been eyeing your town. The witches cauldron will open soon.

A fun drawing for Aftyn’s Bunny girl Calliach.

You can read about her here




We need more images for out loved mascot.  So it shall be.

gonna make more chibi Sivi images for our Fuhrer Snowdrake.



on another note, if you guys want see most sketches stuff i do even non-mg stuff, you can follow me at twitter or my tumblr for all the NSFW stuff i make.