Poll regarding future competitions

Hello everyone!

After some discussion with various people, I’ve decided to rethink how often I hold my competitions and put up a poll for it.


The length between the last two competitions was slightly longer than I had originally intended due to going on holidays, but I’m interested to know what people would like. The next competition will be held in late January/ early February sometime, but moving forward from there I can change the length between them based on the results of the poll.

As always, feel free to send me any suggestions you might have for the competitions in general either in the comments on this post or in the Discord.

Speed writing Event Oct 2018 (Battle Royale)

We had 11 submissions for this one, the topic for this event was
“Salamander/hinezumi/jinko/grizzly/hellhound/high orc/minotaur
Choose at least 2 from these MGs. A battle royale between the characters or involving them somewhat.”

Here are the entries:

A Day At The Races
A Fortnite Shitpost
MWF: Husband in the Bank
Battle Royale
Fiery Firefighting Fight
The Barista vs The Cosplayer
Mamono Wrestling Entertainment
It’s not worthy of a title
Hellhound/Jinko Party
Supremacy sushi
Not so Hard Time

Please vote for your favourites below. Each registered TFT user has 3 votes, votes cannot be stacked on a single entry. You may vote for only 1 or only 2 entries as well, so make sure you tick all that apply. Voting will end next weekend and winners will be announced.

Select up to 3 favourite battle royale entries

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Speed writing event coming up!

Heya guys,

Another event is happening. Thought you would be up for some speed writing. I am quite excited.

Time and place is:

Saturday, 27th of October; 20-22h GMT+1

Information on the topic will then be provided on the spot. And as you know it, a timeping will be in chat as well, just to keep you on your toes.

The entries will then be collected and put up for a vote on the website, with a 1 week time frame.

To spice it up more; anyone who has entered or will enter a Halloween event entry until Saturday will have 2 points, instead of 1,  for the voting.

Small prices between 5-20 bucks will be handed out in either 1-3 or 1-5 spots, depending on the amount of participants.

For any questions, do not hesitate to poke me, Nella, or Snow in discord.

Looking forward to Saturday.


Mouse/Rat Girl Competition Results!

I guess it’s about time I do the results for this thing eh? It’s been a fun ride this time around, the total number of submissions between both sides is the same but we received a lot more art than last time! Speaking of which, let’s begin with that shall we:

untitled, by Matilda
Hinefight, by Axem
Untitled, by Losenis
The Light in the Darkness, by Ehrrr
Untitled, by Arch
Untitled, by Vada

Click on the images to see the full size, uploaded them as thumbnails because we got so many this time

And now for the writing, we did have two late submissions which I still accepted due to exonerating circumstance. Here they are:

Losenis, Prey and Predator – http://touchfluffytail.org/?story=prey-and-predator
Nellarella, Fate and Revenge – https://pastebin.com/r9Swa8j3
Tachaerus, Light in the Darkness – http://touchfluffytail.org/?story=light-in-the-darkness-2
Magic Sam, Mat Patting Ann – https://pastebin.com/D3axAbV4
Grub0830, Containment Breach – https://pastebin.com/dnUyP22v

Judging was done for both categories by 4 Judges (TwoHeavens, AnonMD, Carthois and Myself).

Scoring was done slightly differently this time around, all art and stories were given a rank by each judge from 1 to 5 for writing and 1-6 for art with the lower number being better, then the sum of score for each piece was taken to determine overall rank. Ties would be broken by comparing average score, then unanimous judge decision if necessary but neither of these came up.


1st Place – Ehrrr (7 points)
2nd Place – Matilda ( 8 Points)
3rd Place – Axem (12 points)

Vada (13 points)
Arch ( 20 points)
Lose ( 24 points)


1st Place – Grub (6 points)
2nd Place – Tachaerus (10 Points)
3rd Place – Losenis (12 points)

Magic Sam (15 points)
Nellarella (17 points)

The judges were all asked to provide at least some feedback this time so please feel free to contact any of us for such. (tl note: asked means straight up told to)

Winners will be contacted shortly for prize distribution.

Thank you everyone who participated in my second competition! To be honest, I wasn’t sure I was going to garner much interest in mice and rats but I had to try anyway because I like them and they are cute and we need more stories and art for them. Not to mention our writers made some very interesting choices to fulfill the maid requirement including a couple I hadn’t even considered myself, which was nice. I want these competitions to be fun for everyone to join in on and test themselves out with ideas, plots and characters they might not normally try.

I’d also like to thank Losenis for being the first participant to take advantage of being able to compete in both sides of the competition. (Your art’s improving a ton! Keep it up!)

I feel like things went a bit more smoothly this time around, that said I’ve already got ideas in mind on how to make the next competition even more greater. But if you have any suggestions please feel free to send them to me. 

Cook your Halloween

Hey guys,

Halloween is around the corner, again.

Some of you might still remember our pumpkin carving contest, which had some very interesting results. To shake it up a bit this year, I want you to cook, bake or set up things in a Halloween theme.

Cook your Grandmas pumpkin soup, carve a pumpkin or do anything that is Halloween themed and send it in. Anything you hand in should be somehow marked to be yours. Like you sign art with your signature. 

For example: A picture of a delicious pumpkin feast should have some kind of note in it with your name.


In this case, my R2D2 coffeemug,

visibly mine.


Trick or Treat

You treat everyone with a nice entry, and we will reward you. 

Your vote in the upcoming Christmas event will not count as 1, but as 5.

Possible entries:

  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Costumes
  • Crafts


It is midnight of 31st of October, EU time.

Please hand in your entry via discord in a PM to me, Nella. 

If you should have any questions please feel free to ask me in discord, or ask Snow if I should be unresponsive. 

A full collage of every entry will then be meshed together in the beginning of November.

I am looking forward to many amazing ideas and entries.

Let’s get to it!

Mouse/Rat Girl Competition Submissions closed!

Thank you to everyone that entered this time, in a turn of events the opposite of last time we’ve ended up with 6 Art pieces and 3 Writing pieces, not counting any late entries we may have.

Judging will now start and will finish on the 19th of October US time (I remembered to specify this time)

Thank you to all the participants and see you then!

TheDefilerXD (a.k.a. PumpkinDukeXD) Case closed

So after my last newsentry the whole thing with PumpkinDukeXD blew up. I could write a novel about everything but instead let me give you a simple rundown.

PumpkinDukeXD eventually had enough stories removed and worked from an empty account that he got ballsy again. He created the account TheDefilerXD and started uploading the 4 stories that we could not source anywhere (so they might actually have been his only original works) to the TheDefilerXD account. He did speak to his other account as if this was between 2 different people, only it was too darn obvious what he pulled.

So TheDefilerXD went live with Dukes old shit. In the meantime the Safnar123 account got completely and fully nuked (also run by PumpkinDukeXD) which got him to shut up for 2 days.

Ze taunts, zey do nassing!

After nothing happened, PumpkinDukeXD started taunting us and put another stolen work online on his Duke account… and also uploaded 3 new stolen works to the TheDefilerXD account. The best part about the taunt is, that just 3 hours after his private message to me, his main account PumpkinDukeXD got hiroshimad from Wattpad.

Karma with a sidedish of kick to the nuts

Our main course of action was to engage the asshole as little as possible. Comments or Private Messages were stopped by me and others so as to not tip him off and pull incriminating stories from his account and leave them open to further DMCA strikes, which were successful.

Still he didn’t give up. Tenacious bugger if I’ve ever seen one. However:

small excerpt from the database – small on purpose

I don’t expect anyone to read that actually but the moron left fingerprints all over TFT. He made an account and he used a static IP address which made it ridiculously easy to monitor and observe and screenshot everything he did. TheDefilerXD couldn’t even fart without me knowing it.

Over the next days a clear pattern would emerge. He would look up stuff on TFT, I would screenshot his IP address actually checking out the story… and it went up stolen on Wattpad just hours later, like clockwork. I had evidence of his actions in real time. Hook line and sinker.

Since he always used the same static IP and hardware, I simply followed the IP back to the registered owner, which was a school district in Kansas. I had hit the motherlode.

While this was going on, TheDefilerXD started leaving more comments in the PumpkinDuke newspost further down, read it up at your own leisure, one of the highlights was that he actually openly confirmed that TheDefilerXD is PumpkinDukeXD, so we went from a highly likely theory to a hard confirmation. Much highfiving was had.

So we had an underage teenie using a MacBook provided by his school to connect to monstergirl pornsites via the school network and then commit literally over a hundred cases of copyright infringement.

So… I did the only reasonable thing. I wrote an official mail to the Superintendent. The Super replied to me within a few hours and forwarded me to the IT Network specialist in the school with the Vice President of the district and the Legal Counsel in copy.

They asked for evidence. I provided evidence. Boy, did I provide a fuckton of evidence.

2 days later, I get a reply from the IT guy. Apparently there was a nice discussion with the student and the parent, and I received thanks for helping them fix that security hole. Also the student will be prevented from pursuing his extra activities from the school ever again.

This one goes out to you guys who ever had to deal with one of those little kids that fucked your mom over the internet.

We slapped back.

And we hit.


Article 13 and TFT

No money for bullets – Click to help

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past week, you probably heard of that horrid thing the EU Parliament passed, Article 11 and Article 13. In a nutshell these things will spell doom for the european internet.

Article 13 in particular wants to stop sharing of copyrighted content, much like the PumpkinDukeXD/TheDefilerXD case we had to deal with. Technically okay, but practically what has been decided is the equivalent of taking a sledgehammer and smashing everything into submission.

What is going to happen is that all sites and internet providers will be forced to filter all uploaded content. This is flat out impossible to do with human oversight, so there will be algorithms and content filters that will deal with this. And how well automated content filters work is something we can see on YouTube. Even original content on YouTube gets regularly screwed over, blocked, demonetized and so on and so forth. I read about a curious case where one guy even had 10 hours of white noise flagged as copyright violation. In comes Nintendo or Sony or all the fat Media Giants that will stomp fan material or fair use snippets or just legit content into submission.

Well screw that.

The reason why I am talking about this is, TFT is currently hosted in the EU. On the slightest notice that things start going south, I will transfer the whole website to a different continent. I have already checked and made sure that it is possible to do so.

Now with the copyright crap I had to deal with from that one plagiarizing teenager to relocating the whole website, I frankly need some support. If shit hits the fan, I would vastly prefer having just a tiny bit more funds to counter the worst shit, like a warchest.

Plagiarism? Hire a lawyer. Artists getting ripped off? Fund their shit. Server under heavy fire? Give a no fucks and buy a new server.

If you like this site and you want to support what I do and you want to support monstergirls, if you can spare 2$ on our Patreon, it will help a lot. Every dollar is a step further to being independent from the rest of the world being shit.