Some actual TFT updates

I have been a busy overlord and worked on improving the website and the functionality with some overdue features:

Content Filter and Improved Search
This feature has been overdue simply because there are always people screaming about needing to be protected from things they don’t like. On the other hand this also improves the search results at the same time by allowing the reader to cut down on stories they would never read anyway.

The way it works is pretty simple. Authors from now on will have to flag their content by clicking some checkboxes (you will find them below the Tags section in the editor) and everyone else can run that through the new Search Page (also accessible through the top menu now for easy navigation.

If you want to find all stories within a certain content type, simply click one of the filters and do an empty search. It will work. Multiple filters are additive. The only thing you should be aware of is that many older stories are not flagged yet and will only show through this system if you do not set any filters. I have enlisted help and we are manually digging through the heap and updating stuff when possible.

New Ratings System for Stories
We have ditched the old “Like” “Dislike” thumbs up and down and replaced it with a 5 star rating system. Readers will now be able to give a more accurate vote on whether they actually enjoy what they were reading. (It’s still at the bottom of the story like before)

More importantly, the ratings will now be visible in the header information of the Story Archives. Also we have added a link to the archives to the top nav menu because a lot of readers never figured out they would have to click on the main menu entry directly.

The only problem there was that we had to wipe the ratings database and start from scratch. If you want to do your favorite author a favor, go forth and rate!

Feedback and comments appreciated.yztzywi


Halloween Pumpkin Contest 2016

Another year, another silly event. This time we are going to hold a pumpkin carving contest and nominate the best entries.

stealing photos from wikipedia like a tanuki

What is in it for me? The winners will get a sketch commission done by .less and Dan and Elakan, with more possible prizes as we approach the next weekend, subject to announcement.

How to join? Do something involving a knife to any pumpkin of your choice (or a banana if you cannot find a pumpkin, but those are a bitch to keep in one piece and hold a candle inside…) and send me at least 2 pictures on the Discord server. I require at least one picture halfway done or with your signature visible and another one with the finished pumpkin to check if it is legit. Pictures can be simply dragged and dropped in Discord from your harddrive, so it should be pretty easy to do.

Please pm me on Discord with your name and contact and the required pictures, so I won’t overlook them.

When? I need to have the pictures before Halloween, so last possible entry will be on Sunday the 30th of October. Voting will begin on the 31st. As soon as the voting post is up on TFT, no more entries will be accepted.


New dood coming in!

Hi, getting through a Multimedia major and drawing free stuff for the internet (‘cept when I don’t)
is a me, Melon/Phanaxial/Elakan
or whatever name I come up with later (  ‘w’)

You can probably find my tumblr and other blogs from there idk w
I do frequently stream (when I’m able to mooch off college internet) so here – Picarto
From Monster Girls to ropes, to other stuff, well uh the gallery’s kinda weird when I think about it now | ._.)

So yeah, you can bet yer moist nuggets that imma be posting here more! Feel free to check the other pages!


And you can find the good stuff in my gallery.


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Once upon a time back when men were real men and lopped off heads and drank beer from the resulting skulls and bitched about the beer always dripping out of the eyesockets, one guy knew exactly what makes life worth living.

Mongol General: Conan! What is best in life?
Conan: Crush your pelvis. See her coiled around you. Hear the lamentations of women.
Mongol General: That is good! That is good.

Naturally, we can assume that Arnold was referring to the Apophis:

the nipplearmor and the vaginajewelery is strategically placed to prevent sand from chafing or entering or both

Arguably the queen of the snakes, sporting a venom that will never be purged from the victims body and has an effect that closely resembles snorting cocaine made out of viagra with all orifices at the same time. Will beat up Pharaos for husbands, hijack pyramids, and will love her husband until the end of time.

Best snake.

Read more about her here:


I swear to god, fate has played a cruel joke on me.

All: “Hey, do some more monstergirl profiles!”
Me: “I guess I could do that. Suggestions?”
Me: “Fuck no. Noone likes Matangos. I’ll do a random wiki page instead…”
Me: “I can’t believe it.”

“Likes damp places.” – the only way to be safe is stop showering you filthy animal

So you got a monster that’s not even a real monster, it’s basically something like transformative viagra mold. She farts spores and if you inhale that crap you grow mushrooms on your skin. Since fate has a propensity for cruel jokes, imagine the worst kind of place those mushrooms will grow (your dick) and I can guarantee you that will happen 95% of the time. If girls inhale that funk, they start turning into one of those, so I guess my final verdict is that Matangos are basically an STD. Even if it makes you horny, it will vastly reduce your chances of getting real pussy, because I’d rather hang myself than fuck that. Fuck that.

This isn’t even lowest tier. We had to hire illegal peruvian midgets to start digging to reach a level low enough to rank her. Avoid like the plague.

More about her can be found on the MGE Wiki:

Monster girls on Hentai


I’ve started a new hentai monster girls comic for patreon supporters, Monster girls on Hentai. The comic will be updated once a month only in my patreon. All people who support me for a specific ammount (you can see the Tiers on my patreon) will have access to the updates and all the pages released for the comic.

MGoH will consist of short pornographic scenes with the girls of my Monster girls on tour comic as protagonists. The scenes will be related to things that happen in the main comic, sometimes expanding on sexual situations from the comic itself. The first one is centered on Succubus, who reminds her younger days when she discovered she could get anything using her sexuality. You can see a free promo page here, and access the others by supporting me in patreon



Week(s) in Review 8/30 – 9/13

JohanLitvisk added Wildhunt
rickyspanish added Barrett
Mousykins added Guardian Angel, Raiju Roommate, The Vampire’s Butler
Aftyn added Liquid Gold
MonsterGirlExaminer added Monsterfest 2016
Lightningflare added Princess for a Day Part 1
Kitsoviet added Fluff and Loving in Las Vegas
Eyepop added Gargoyle
MamonoMore added How Temirburg Had Fallen
Countdown added The Pillory, The Women Ch 2, False Love
Acethewritefag added Weird, Sexy Science
Jexx added Working as a Phone Sex Operator Part 3
OTAKUevangelist added Not Nearly Enough

KukuRuyo updated Monster Girls on Tour

Girl of the Week is: