New Artist, Plasmid!

Hiya! I’m plasmid,

and i heard you guys like monster girls, and thats most of what i draw, so here i am!

poke the horny demon nun to go to gallery :3

I do open commissions every once in a while, with the info on my tumblr here, and I’ll probably open them within the next month, so keep an eye out if you’re interested! I also take requests on my tumblr, especially new monster girl ideas! Furthermore, check my hentai-foundry collection if you don’t have a tumblr account.

I hope you all enjoy my lewd art as much as i enjoy drawing it! :3

Elakan – Commission Slots Available

Heads up for anyone trying to get their hands on some more artwork. Watermelon, a.k.a. Elakan has announced that he has more slots open and is actively looking for people to commission him.

One pic should run you about 30 bucks, give and take on the content and complexity, so for one it’s affordable and also his stuff is good quality. Throw some love his way if you can. Contact details are in his Gallery.

I require more money for booze

New artist! Cowfee

(click doggo for gallery)

Hello, Cowfee here.

I draw a variety of things, monster girls, animal girls, anime girls, etc.
I do commissions and take requests sometimes, take a look at my gallery if you’re interested. If you do want me to draw something keep in mind I like to draw soft bodies.


Week (Month) in review! 24/2 – 23/3

New Stories:
Jophanlitvisk added If Monster Girls Took Over The World…(Side Story Collection C)
Coyo added The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 2
and The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 3
I should’ve done this sooner The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 4
this is a lot of effort The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 5
never again The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 6
maybe like 2 weeks next time The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 7
who am I kidding, I’m so lazy The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 8
Lady Tyrannica added Elysium, Ch.1: Despair
and Elysium, Ch.2: Help
also Elysium, Ch.3: Dance
plus Elysium, Ch.4: Healing
and after Elysium, Ch.5: Joy
not forgetting Elysium, Ch.6: Happiness
this is a lot of lesbian smut Elysium, Ch.7: Time
BreakawayRepublic added Questionable Advice
Burned Pineapple added Umbra, Chapter 13
and Umbra, Chapter 14
continuing on with Umbra, Chapter 15
I’m growing my beard again, feels good Umbra, Chapter 16
AceTheWritefag added a few things too starting with Tales From Deleor: The Wanderer’s Guest
and then Tales from Deleor: Lone Wolf
seems like this will be a running series Tales from Deleor: Revenant Memories
run out of witty things to type Tales from Deleor: Matter of Faith
Cursed Item Merchent added New Life
Mousykins added Lich Part 7
Kitsoviet isn’t dead and added Small Town Blues Ch. 5
Many Eyed Hydra published H-Space MGB: Hunting Arachne
Monster Girl Examiner added Hell’s Kitchen Sink 2: Catfished
and later also added Swords to Plowshares
Carthois added Legend of Luck: Part One
Jexx added Panty Raiders Chapter 10
Losenis only pretends to be white All’s Fair in Love and War – Ch. 10
The Grub added Tails of the Chain Gang – Diamondback
And finally for this month Shadowman1234561 has a too many numbers in his name Pervy Vagabond

Yeah, okay. This is super late and kinda only happened because someone hit me up on the discord server (hint: join, so you too can tell me to do the things I totally said I was going to do but then never do).

In my defense, Zelda came out and then that consumed like 2 weeks of my life and then I got Total War: Warhammer which took another 2 so that was fun. Everyone makes fun of me for playing Vampire Counts but I don’t really care.

I’ll finish this off with the Monster Girl of the month, Zoras!

i'd fug a fish
Notice how like half the zoras are thirsty as fuck for Link?