Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 25)

“Uuuuuuuuuuu~ghhhhhh~” Fubuki groaned even further.

“I can supply with you a number of different tasks, sure to keep you from thinking about your increasing boredom” The Orphanage doctor Lich Rin murmured.

“Just…well~ come on~ It’s been two whole days~! And it’s been work this, and raise that…I already taught the girls on my end how to filate a salmon, and clean grease stains off a couch with natural ingredients! I don’t know what else is left for me Rin~!” Fubuki whined.

“Perhaps assisting Kaitlyn in diplomatic discussions with the realm of Wonderland…granted I understand her decision to leave you behind…” Rin acknowledged.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 3)

Finally taking a break from doing paperwork, the Echidna and founder of the Orphanage Katy herself graces her halls greeting and exploring her building. She meets with her head chef; a Holstaurus cowgirl by the name of Betsy.

“Betsy! How are you today!? I was just about to ask you about your opinions on our new staff member” Katy asked.

“Oh! Yeah he was a real treat to the eyes if I do say so myself-b-but he’s also really nice, I can just tell from his eyes, they were strong, sharp, but gentle…and compassionate. Just like my papa-I-I mean my father!” Betsy replied.

“Yes, I saw a lot of spirit in his eyes too, it appears as if he’s starting to grow accustom to our ways here, but he has a lot more to discover” Katy hinted.

“Sure as apple pie he does! I wonder how he’ll react to it all? I hope we don’t scare him off, or nothing…I already got a few of my tykes wondering when he’ll come see them” Betsy replied.