Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 3)

All work and no play~ it’s another day today~ hooray~!

You drive yourself over to the orphanage for another shift, and already wearing your uniform. The fabric Nirvana used felt awfully snug and comfortable; like a thin layer of the most exquisite Cashmere wool pressed gently against your skin. The stitching done to perfection, almost invisible to the naked eye, and it felt as durable as it did gentle. You were almost compelled to make them into your pajamas as well…maybe you can ask Nirvana for a second pair? Then again you haven’t seen her since your glimpse of her naked form just the other day.

Usually the staff would change in the locker rooms, but Katy has explained that since he’s the only male so far he had to use the same room with all the other female staff thus making it co-ed.

Not that you had any problem with it, but you wanted to at least wait until you and the staff were comfortable with each other before seeing them in their privates on a daily basis. Plus you didn’t want to trouble her with building a second private locker room only for you, you weren’t the type to accept special treatment unless you were genuinely psychically incapable of completing your task without it. You were also reassured that not everyone in the staff was single, in fact a little more than half were happily married.

Katy’s multiple assurances were well received and you would be certain that by the end of the week you’ll be compelled to join the others in the locker rooms.

You quickly go over your task for the day, according to Katy’s brief explanation your task was simple yet important. You were to patrol the halls and watch over any of the children who may need your assistance or just attention. Anything from helping them find their way, helping them reach the nurse’s office if they are injured, or just to be there to play, and talk to.

You park your car and take a second back door on the opposite side of the lockers, and open the double doors. Upon entering you find yourself inside the walk in refrigerator. You notice empty shelves where food use to be, possibly due to the fact that you just missed the breakfast rush. Along the way you encounter Betsy the Holstaurus lugging a large metal container with it’s contents sloshing about.

“O-oh! Mr. Mous good morning!” Betsy greeted you as she placed the cylindrical metal jug on the floor to her left.

“Good morning Betsy. You know you can just call me Anon” you assure her.

“If that’s what will make ya’ll comfortable I’ll gladly do so Anon. I see you’re shift is later than before, I hope you had a chance to eat well” Betsy asked.

“Not really, just ate a microwaved bagel and some coffee” you tell her.

“That won’t do at all, you’re a growing man and you need to eat. I’ll get the stove ready and cook you a decent meal” Betsy assured.

“That’s really nice of you, but you don’t have to go to all the trouble” you assure her.

“It’s no trouble at all! I’m a chef after all, and I read in a book, ‘the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’…wait! I-I um I didn’t mean it in ‘that’ way, I’m just uh~, oh~ w-what would like to eat!?” Betsy panicked and blushed.

“I guess some eggs and hash-browns would be nice, you know something like that, or just a sandwich really” you tell her.

“Would you like bacon with that?” Betsy asked.

“…Are you sure you’re okay with dealing with meat?” You ask her.

“Hm? T-that’s nice of you to ask, but don’t worry about me sugar-plum. When I wanted to be a chef I knew I had to deal with all manner of food including meat. I still prefer fruits and vegetables but I can’t deny someone’s request to eat meat. Hm~ I think I’ll give you extra bacon for being so sweet thinking about me” Betsy assured with a smile fit for a loving wife. The sparkle in her eye, the content little grin, and the soft blush as she clasps her hands just under her bosom was picture perfect.

You thank her for her kindness and clock in for your shift.

It didn’t take long for you to find someone in need, a Giant Slug with sleepy, red-orange eyes called out to you. Her head reaching to your thighs, her stalks wiggling up and down every now and again. She wore a simple white summer dress ending in wavy frills, and a bonnet colored white and sky-blue decorated her long, lime-green hair. Her visible frown, and her glassy eyes were the tell-tale signs of a girl in need.

“I’m…lost~” she whimpered, a soft quite little voice escaped her lips.

“Are you new here?” You ask crouching to meet her at eye level.

She nodded her head, and you saw her hands travel to her tummy.

“…And I bet you missed breakfast didn’t you?” You ask in a soft reassuring voice.

Another nod as she stares at you with a new spark as her eyes widen just a bit.

“Okay, come on, we’re not too far from the cafeteria, and they’re always offering food even before and after meal time, I’ll take you there” you assure her.

That garnered a smile from her, and you walk side by side; the Giant Slug wasting no time holding your hand as you take her only a few yards to her destination.

Even holding her hand she was taking her sweet time, you turn to her as you walk at her own pace, she turns to you, her smile widening as you felt her hand squeeze yours ever so slightly. You were happy to help, but at this pace you could be spending a large portion of your shift just guiding her to some food.

“…Hey there um…” you realize you don’t even know her name.

“Hm? Lisa!” She piped up.

“Lisa…hey listen, I know you’re not in a hurry, but I’m sure you’re really hungry right?” You ask.

“Tummy growls a lot…” she murmured.

“Aw, well if you let me, I might have an idea…uh~ what if, I just carried you to the cafeteria, and drop you off there?” You ask.

She didn’t need to be asked twice, she nodded her head rapidly, and her arms were already raised towards you. She looked so happy, and energetic all of a sudden, you’re almost certain she’d be jumping with joy if she could. You smile at her suddenly spark of excitement, and hold her by her waist. You lift her up easily, her slug foot pressed against your abdomen, as her tiny hands hold your neck for support, her head resting just above your chest as her hair brushes your chin. Her stalks wiggle, and tickle at your cheek.

“There you go? Hold on tight now okay?” You say.

“Y-yes!” Lisa squeaked before pressing her face in your chest once more.

You reach the cafeteria and you spot Betsy already hard at work prepping for the lunch rush with some of the staff.

“Hey Betsy!” You call out.

“Howdy again Anon! Oh? I see you’ve made a new friend” Betsy giggled seeing you hold the Giant Slug.

“You’re so soft mister~” Lisa cooed.

“Uh~ thanks, anyways, I found her lost in the halls, and because of that she missed breakfast…I was kind of hoping you can help her out” you explain the situation.

“No problem! I know someone who can appreciate a healthy bowl of fresh veggies” Betsy hinted as she moved towards the salad section, and started mixing up a bowl of romaine lettuce, and various vegetables, and fruits. Lisa stared hungrily at the salad Betsy was preparing for her, a thin strand of drool escaping from her lips.

“Thanks Betsy, I really appreciate this, alright Lisa, I gotta get to work now, I’ll just leave you here…and…” you reply.

…You can’t pull her off you.

You underestimated the stickiness of the mucus her foot, and arms were coated with. Like glue you had to really put your muscle into it.

“Oh? Let me help you with that, we don’t want to hurt the poor thing” Betsy replied rushing over to help you.

With her assistance the Giant Slug was removed from your body, but her mucus remain staining your uniform with the stuff.

“…Sorry mister…” she started whimpering, already feeling a weight of guilt on her conscious.

“Hey-hey it’s okay Lisa, I know you didn’t mean it” you assure her while petting her head.

“Yeah, that’s right sugar-pie! Now then, here’s something for your rumbling tummy, and Anon, I’ll get you a towel to help wipe that stuff off” Betsy offered.

You thank her again for her tremendous Southern hospitality and continue your shift.

Less than an hour later, and the path splits into a cross. With three paths to choose from you press your nose to the map to figure out where you want to go, and out of nowhere you feel a bump on your rear end.

“Oops! I-I’m sorry!” A girl piped up.

You turn around and see a Crow Tengu! Her onyx black hair was straight, and cut short with bangs that combed to the side with a red, and gold hairpin. She wore a soft yellow open yukata with a white button up shirt, and soft red mini-skirt. Her face was still pressed on the book, the title reading “Love Soars Us Higher Than Any Updraft”. She was roughly the same height as the Giant Slug.

“No-no, that was my bad, I guess I was a little undecided on where to go” you reply.

“Eh!?” She nearly jumped as she heard, and saw you for the first time.

In her shock of seeing a boy, her black wings fumbled the edges of the book, and it toppled on the floor.

“Noo~ it took me forever just to hold it right!” She exclaimed. You catch a bit of an accent from her, possibly coming from her native land, and you suspect English may, or may not be her second language.

Well…she was fine a moment ago, but now she’s become your new task all of a sudden.

“I’m really sorry about that…uh~ do you want me to help?” You ask.

“R-really!? That’s really nice of you-oh! H-how impolite, I-I never asked for your name!” The Crow Tengu exclaimed, her feathery wing tips clasped to her lips.

“It’s Anon, I’m working here now as a caretaker” you quickly assure her.

“Anon…san?” She asked testing the waters.

“It’s not my last name, but yeah it’ll work, whatever makes you feel comfortable, and what’s your name?” You ask.

“Hana! Most of my friends call me Hana for short because my name is a little long” she replied. “Anon-san, you said you said you were undecided on where to go right?” She asks.

“Yeah, that’s right” you reply.

“W-well I was going to go to the Library to finish my book…d-do you want to come with me? I can show you the way” Hana asked turning a bit bashful.

“That’s awfully sweet of you, I’d love to see the library” you reply.

Hana gave a nervous giggle, hiding her blush with her wings before muttering something under her breath. You watch as the air around you suddenly rushes in a spiral towards the book, lifting it up in the air before she catches it with her wings.

“That was pretty cool” you reply.

“*Giggle* thanks! I’m not very good at it yet, but I’m always getting better” she replies.

The trip was rather pleasant, granted she had a lot to say, and tell you.

“I study a lot of history you know, but my favorite thing to do in my free time is to read about legends, and folklore! I’m really engaged in Norse Mythology now you know! Their language is so alien, their runes, and symbols so~ intriguing, but in a good way! Reading about lore far from my home is invigorating, and even inspiring-oh! You wanna one of my favorite deities!? It’s Tyr! The Norse God of War, but he’s more than that you know-he’s also a god of justice, and law a real hero of god-like power! One of my favorite stories involves him sacrificing his arm to the Wolf Fenrir! It’s kind of sad, but it’s also kind of inspiring the lengths he goes to-oh!? W-we’re already here…” Hana was really rambling on there until the two of you were standing in front of the doors to the library.

“Well, why don’t I join you for a bit before I go back, maybe you can recommend a book for me?” You suggest.

“R-really!? You want to read books with me? Wow! I’d love to recommend new stuff for you! Gosh I feel so happy now! Thanks…” Hana was practically hopping until she paused, and tried to test the waters one more time…

“…Um…A-Anon-kun?” Hana squeaked with a red face.

“So~ I’m guessing that means we’re friends?” You smile kneeling down to her eye level.

Hana nodded her head rapidly.

“Great, well then I’ll find a book here, and we can rest for a bit…Hana-chan?” You were a little rusty with your honorifics, but you felt it was appropriate…right?

The results were immediate; dropping her book, and lunging at you with a big hug, her wings wrapped around your neck and head with a face of pure delight.

You sat there with Hana reading silently together. Hana scooting her chair to sit side, by side with you as closely as possible until your appearance caused a small crowd to gather, and you had to take your leave. Knowing where the Library is, you make a mental note to examine it’s contents when you have the time.

The first hour or so after that felt rather uneventful as the orphanage was still mostly active outside, so you spent the time memorizing the layout of another new area. Along the way however you spot a lone girl slouched against the wall moaning in discomfort. You take note of her hooves, horns, and surprisingly large breasts for someone so young. What a coincidence that you met a Holstaurus after meeting Betsy; however this child didn’t look to be feeling too well. Her hair was waist-length and perfectly straight with the same black and white streaks Betsy’s hair has. She wore denim overalls, and a plain white t-shirt.

You rush, and crouch beside her asking her what’s wrong.

“Ah~ m-my chest, it hurts, and I couldn’t sleep” The teenage Holstaurus gasped.

You notice her gripping her chest in obvious pain, and it seems as if she has little knowledge about what to do. You’re already on top of it, granted you may have to be rather bold.

“Here, let me take care of it. You’re chest is just becoming really sensitive now, part of growing up” you assure her.

“But…it’s earlier than I thought it was gonna happen” she gasps.

“If you let me…I can ease your pain…but I need you to trust me, I’ve studied this before and it will at least makes things easier for you until we find someone who can help.” you assure her.

“…O-okay, b-but be gentle, my chest is all tingly, and heavy~” the Holstaurus murmured.

Your soft reassurance put her at ease as slowly releases her hands off her bosom only for you to take their place.

You don’t so much as grab them as you do tentatively massage them, as any harsh movement could be met with discomfort. Open palm, and with delicate pressure you move your hands from her sides of her chest, moving the slowly under her breasts holding them up, rubbing your fingers along her bosom. 

“(Not groping, just helping. Not groping, just helping.)” you chant in your thoughts assuring yourself of your good intentions.

“Ah~ mister, that-that feels better” she sighs as her body relaxes.

You can almost hear the milk sloshing inside her breasts, it’s obvious this may be her first time actually coming to terms with producing milk, but you never milked a Holstaurus before, let alone a cow. You debate over what to do and the answer comes quickly. Betsy isn’t that far, and you know most of the layout to reach the cafeteria and can find the fastest route to her. But you can’t just have her run with you, all that movement could really hurt her when her breasts are so sensitive so you come up with the next best thing.

“Here, come close to me, I’m gonna carry you to some help. Don’t worry you’re gonna be fine” you assure her.

“Ah~ah~ m-mister? Okay” she agrees as you release your hands from her chest.

Carrying her bridal style you power walk as quickly and carefully as you can to Betsy, which thanks to your genuine efforts to study the map, and of course your determination that took you this far. You reach the cafeteria, Betsy waiting for you while the other staff were busy cleaning up. You glance at a special plate of food beside her.

“Betsy!” You call out.

“A-Anon!? I was just about to look for you, I have your meal ready for you” Betsy replied with your plate on hand

“No time, I need your help with this girl” You explain.

Betsy looks to the panting Holstaurus teen and quickly rushes towards you.

“Oh dear! I’ve seen this happen before. Thank you for bringing her to me as fast as you did. I can take it from here, please take your meal and meet me in the break room” Betsy assured.

You nod and give Betsy the teenage cowgirl and leave the area with your food knowing the child is in good hands.

You eat your meal in peace, as simple as it looked it tasted amazing. A thick sandwich consisting of four slices of corn beef, a few tablespoons of sauerkraut, a pinch of thousand island dressing, melted swiss cheese, all on toasted rye bread with a thin spread of butter, and a side of french fries.

Your first bite felt like ecstasy in your mouth, and you didn’t even like sauerkraut, but damn did Betsy nail it perfectly! Just as you finished the doors to the break room opened and you see Betsy with the young Holstaurus who was blushing up a storm.

“Everything is a-okay, but this little one wants to talk to you” Betsy said.

“U-um M-mister!?” She nervously speaks up.

“Hm?” You look to her as she steps towards you.

“T-Thank you for helping me! Y-you’re really nice and gentle and I want you to have this!” The teen cried out before thrusting you with a bottle of milk.

Before you can even thank her she runs off in an embarrassed sprint.

“W-what is this?” You ask.

“That’s Holstaurus milk…uh~ her milk to be precise. It was her very first time lactating and she was able to produce about that much on her first try. I told her to give it to someone special and right off the bat she chose you” Betsy said.

“I~ uh don’t know what to say, I guess I’m flattered?” You reply.

“I think you should be a little more than that. It’s actually quite a moment when a Holstaurus gifts you with her own milk, especially when it’s so fresh, it’s like sharing a close bond” Betsy explains.

“Then I’ll take it, I heard this stuff does wonders for the body, I’ll have to thank her the next time I see her, and I also want to thank you. That was the best sandwich I had in years” you thank her.

“R-really!? I-I mean I-uh did my best-b-but I thought you-um-golly gosh~ um~ I have to prep some food!” Betsy quickly sputtered as she too ran in an embarrassed sprint. You finish your break with your belly full, and continue your work, though not much else of not happened.

With another shift finished you’re about to clock out for the day when Katy suddenly stops you.

“I couldn’t help but notice yesterday that you were wearing a hickey on your neck. Did you get that from any of my staff?” Katy asked.

“N-no, honest” you quickly plant your palm on your neck.

“I was only joking, I don’t think anyone in my orphanage can plant a special type of magical energy in a hickey. Especially one so…exotic, and draconic if I may add?” Katy added with a knowing grin.

At this you froze, you suppose your expression said it all as Katy began giggling to herself.

“Oh, I see now! So you saw the Ryu in the shrine did you? She and I go way back, but she wanted to do her own thing so I couldn’t employ her. She has a beautiful shrine don’t you think?” Katy asked.

“Yes, it’s really well taken care of” you agree.

“Yup it certainly is, hey! Wanna know a secret? Starting from the tip of her tail, count 19 inches, then to your left count 3 inches and press around that area. That’s her sweet spot” Katy hinted

“Uh~ okay?” You understood.

Katy said no more, rather smiling to herself and slithering away giggling to herself once more leaving you confused.

After work you decide to take another trip to the shrine to visit to the Ryu for her blessing. taking the drive you stare up the long steps to reach the shrine. There are many stories in folklore, songs, and games that depict a staircase leading to heaven. They don’t often mention the labor such a journey would bring, your legs felt like dead weight, your body hunched like you had a hump-back, and sweat was trickling down your face. However; when you finally reached the land of promise the journey felt very worth it.

A Shirohebi sweeping the floor near the staircase spots you, and quickly holds your arm as she stares deeply in your eyes.

“My lord, you have traveled far, and you are in dire need of rest. Please would you allow me to serve you in anyway?” She asks.

Unlike the staff in the Orphanage you didn’t feel the relief in her tone as you felt a tint of desperation in her eyes. She really wanted to show her merit, but just as you felt you needed some space from her, she quickly shakes her head, and releases your grip, even inching off your air space.

“M-my apologies my most honorable guest! I-I was weak there for but a moment…I must meditate more often in the springs…but I am still here to help you if you let me” the Shirohebi maiden offered.

“W-well, I’m an employee of the Orphanage next to your shrine, and I would be delighted to see the Ryu of the shrine…and some water” you ask.

“I can do that much!” She assured you.

She guided you same as the Inari previously to the main building, stopping mid-way to deliver a cup of water to you.

“I happen to know she is free of any reservations, I am certain she will be delighted with your company” the white Lamia woman assured you.

Following her lead she takes you to the Ryu’s room where she sits in her room writing a scroll with a thin paint brush.

“Ah, Anon. A pleasure to see you, I take it you wish to gain more of my blessing?” The Ryu asked as the Shirohebi politely bowed and closed the sliding doors behind you.

“…I gotta admit, your maidens are as diligent in their work as they are beautiful in their looks” you compliment.

“Thank you very much, it means a lot to hear that. They work so hard to control their urges, and I would appreciate it if you would let them know of their achievements as well” the Ryu said.

“They work to control their urges here?” You ask.

“Correct, in my shrine they do not only serve the guests, but also work, and practice discipline and self control of their unhinged desires, and lust” the Ryu explained.

“Doesn’t that go against the Demon Lord’s intention for these women, and for you?” You ask.

“Only partly, I have an open policy of sexual desires so long as it’s consensual for both, or multiple parties. I only wish that they do not let themselves be consumed by it. In these modern times one does not simply jump at a male, and fornicate, well not as often as before. The maidens here go the extra mile to make themselves suitable candidates for men to wed them. As you know there’s more to a loving relationship than just sex” the Ryu explained.

“So they come here to be more docile, and in control…how though?” You ask.

“Perhaps we can save this discussion the next time you visit, there is so much of this shrine to see after all, but in the meantime, come here…and be refreshed” the Ryu invited with purr to her voice.

You nod your head giving her permission to do what needs to be done.

She crawls towards you with the benevolence of a goddess and the allure of a model before she hugs you to her warm embrace. Not long after that you feel her lips kiss and suck at your neck as she begins injecting you with magical luck energy; your best attempt to describe what she was gifting you. Her muffled moans and gentle touch made you at ease and suddenly you found yourself hugging her back. You are met with no resistance just a soft little squeak as she continues the ritual and as you look down glancing at the area Katy mentioned. While it doesn’t look any different that the rest of her body you’re certain Katy knows something you don’t but before you can test it, she pulls away from you.

“I gotta say, that was very bold of you to hug me back, most of my clients usually stand there stiff as a board, but I must admit it was a nice change of pace. Come see me again soon” the Ryu bid you farewell.

You politely take your leave and find yourself feeling slightly better than usual, though you don’t think it has anything to do with your increased luck.

Your return home was uneventful, and for the second day in a row, you felt this place was…empty, quiet, and it might just be your imagination, but the feeling of loneliness has never felt stronger until after you started working at the Orphanage.

This might sound strange to many people, but you can’t wait to go back to work the next day.

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  1. Katy’s playing a pretty mean prank. A ryu that prides herself on self control is not going to appreciate having her beserk button pressed, and the consequences for Anon might be a bit traumatizing.

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