Cut and Run Ch. 19 (Allen Belushi Cycle 19)

“Well, there’s always the possibility of Traffickers.” She shrugged.
“What?!” I chuffed. “Wait a second here! Are you talking about that wild-ass rumor that’s been floating about? The one in which some Mamono capture lone-dudes, then turn them into sex slaves to be sold-off in far-away lands?” I asked incredulously. Pirin nodded sheepishly. I sighed as patiently as I could manage then.
“That’s just an Urban-Legend, Pirin! It’s too outlandish to exist in real life!” I scoffed.

Cut and Run Ch. 17 (Allen Belushi Cycle 17)

“Help me move?” I asked, confused. Then it hit me. ‘Oh, that’s right, I clean forgot! It’s Moving Day!’ I shouted to myself.

“Forsooth oh silly one. ‘Tis thine day of transport, doth thou not remember?” she giggled coyly as she lifted my hand up to her face, and before I could say or do anything, she managed to get one of my fingers into her mouth.

“UHhhhh, Travesty. Please don’t do that!” I asked, as she started to suck on it. I tried to retrieve my hand as quickly as I dared, but when I pulled back, she took a fierce hold of my wrist to keep my finger in place.

Things went rapidly downhill from there.

“Travesty! Please, NO!” I hissed, worried about getting caught by Jamal. But, she didn’t stop. Instead, she continued to leer at me through her eyebrows, as she slurped away on that finger, obviously trying to get me in the mood.