In From the Cold – Ch. 3

“Are they here to take me to the airport?” she whispered.

We hadn’t turned the cabin’s lights on.  I stood at the window facing the driveway and brushed the curtain aside, carefully.  “Not in that jeep, they aren’t.”  My neck stiffened as the vehicle’s interior lights flicked on.  “And not with those guns.”

Madiyan hissed something rapid and nasty.

“I don’t know what you said but I agree with you.  Come with me.”  I grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the kitchen.

An original tale set in Okayado’s Monster Musume world.

An unquiet night and unwelcome visitors. Mark makes a decision with lethal consequences. Conclusion to “In From the Cold.”

Eminence of Ash: Beauty Among The Embers

✦Beauty Among The Embers✦  A contest entry written by Momo Summary: Every four years or so, coming-of-age women come forth where grass and ash meet. They are to be brides to the sons of lava–both vanguards and harbingers of ash and flame. The union stands against the tide of retribution but one girl questions this…

Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 23

Following an interruption that cancelled their date before it could even begin Stanley and Ezraphel venture to the hospital wherein the former receives news of his older sibling whom he hasn’t seen or contacted in almost a year. The news doesn’t sit well with him and in his demand for answers he might have made things worse.

In From the Cold – Ch. 2

“What is this place, anyway?”

“The campsite, you mean?” I sat on a stump, stretching my back. “Used to be a ‘wilderness retreat’, built by a couple of enterprising hipsters. Must have thought that stressed-out D.C. workers would fall over themselves to spend a weekend at a data-free hideaway. Didn’t count on smartphone addictions, I guess. Bank sent it to auction about a decade ago. I’m sure it’s owned by a shell corporation now, but I couldn’t tell you the name.” I shrugged. “Not something I ever needed to know.”

“And what is it used for now?” she asked.

“It’s…” I gave her a redacted version. “…sort of a place where we help people disappear, usually on their way in or out of the United States. Like you.”

“And like you?”

I was supposed to lie. For some reason I didn’t. “Yes, you could say that.”

An original tale set in Okayado’s Monster Musume world.

Mark and Madiyan spend a long, frigid day together at the cabin. Lies are told, and secrets are revealed. But real truths remain elusive.

In From the Cold – Ch. 1

Let me tell you how I died.

It’s an ugly little story. I imagine you’d need to pass a serious background check, swear allegiance to the U.S. flag, and have a damned good need-to-know before you heard anything about it, officially.

But I don’t worry so much about security regs anymore. Being dead, and all. I’ve changed some names for discretion’s sake, that’s all. There aren’t any innocents to protect.

So here we are.

In any case, this is what happened…


An original tale set in Okayado’s Monster Musume world.

In an isolated cabin in the West Virginia mountains, an aging caretaker finds himself hosting a lamia woman who is facing deportation. However, neither the caretaker nor his young guest are exactly what they seem, and may have more in common than they suspect.

Wormhole Ch.16

Having been saved from the brink of death by Veina, Sateen, Karvale, Niko, and Dessy, Jason decides to come to grips with his feelings for the five women. The road ahead is sure to be treacherous, but now he can embrace his new future knowing that he is no longer alone; starting by making his five lovers into his wives. Which means the time has come to consummate the marriage…

Wormhole Ch.15

Now storming out to do battle with the Skarliks on his own, Jason finds the odds are not in his favor. Could he win? Could he Get back to Earth? What will become of him and Veina? Is he making the right choice? Jason can only contemplate as things go from bad to worse. But the night is darkest just before the dawn…