Passion As Soft As Wool

As a kid, I always liked calm, sunny days. No clouds. Gentle breeze. Only blue skies and the sun shining bright on the land. I lived in the country growing up, so I love grassy plains and woodlands. When I get tired of the hustle and bustle of city life and the technological advances of modern times, it’d be no surprise to where I’d to “unplug” myself. My grandparents house. My first domicile. Pulling up to the house brings back all the memories I had when I were a kid. All the times with my cousins and my uncle. All the times we skipped rocks at the creek. All the times family came down for visits. All the laughing, all the dancing, it was tranquil. But the most prolific memory I have was when I was scared of thunderstorms and I went to cuddle with my grandmother. I’d always rest my head on her lap and she’d always comfort me always, telling me “It’s just The Lord doing his work. He’s watering the fauna. He’s refilling all the bodies of water. He’s soothing the Earth’s pain. Replenishing the land for all his creatures. There is nothing to fear.” I always remember what she told me whenever a storm comes.

But that was the past. They are both gone now. They are buried in their yard. I go to their graves. “Hi Grandma. Grandpa. It’s been a while.” I say to the adjacent headstones. “I’ve been okay. I just been missing you a lot. I’m sorry I haven’t been coming as much as I used to. I’m…” I get chocked up a bit. I’ve always been raised not to cry because I’m a boy. Boys don’t cry. I have to be strong. I clear the lump in my throat as I kneel down and put fresh flowers on both graves. I put my head down and say “I love you both.” I get up, and take one last look as the summer breeze passes hits my face. I turn and walk away. My grandparents had a big field where I’d used to play with my cousins, uncle, and any other friends or family that were over. I sit down, with my back on the shed, where Grandpa had all his power tools and lawn equipment. I stare at the sky. No clouds. Blue sky. Sun shining. Gentle breeze. It’s like I’m 12 years old again. It’s something out of a dream. I start to doze off.

“Hey.” I hear and I get startled. I open my eyes to see this girl, covered in wool, with horns on her head. She had a thick physique and had a cute face. She smiled at me as if she is happy to see me and rubbed her eyes and says “Do you mind if I rest here? I’m really really REALLY tired.” “No, it’s no issue at all..” I say as she seems like she wasn’t listening and lies beside me. She lies down on all fours, with her head on my lap. I feel like I should be getting uncomfortable. A weird girl I do not know, covered in wool is sleeping on me. I should be freaking out, but, it’s calming. Her wool is soft. I start to rub and pet her head. I start to smile as I hear the faint sounds of her giggling and she start to get closer and embrace me. Before I know it, I’m straddled by her. She rubs her cheek on my mine and rubs the wool covering her chest on my face. I start to giggle as I start to get drowsy. “It’s soft. So…very…soft…” I say dazed. I start to lie back more and I’m completely out of it. Fading in and out of consciousness, I snap back into a somewhat normal state to see her remove my shoes, pants, and underwear. Her eyes are blacked out. It’s probably because my eyelids are low. The last thing I see before I black out once again is her big smile and her licking her lips. Her head goes lower. Before I could react, I lean my head back, facing the blue sky and color fades.

Once I snap back into it, all I see when I open my eyes is a white light. Once my eyes get reacclimated with the light, I see her jiggling chest. I look around. I can’t move my head very much but from what I see, my shirt is off. I must be completely naked. I look straight ahead. I see the girl in wool grinding on me. As if she wanted to get me erect…and it’s working. She opens her thighs and spreads her lips. She let’s out a sigh as she starts to insert my member into her honeypot. She let’s out a moan as soon as I’m inside and let’s out a long, airy shudder until she hits the base. Her breathing is somewhat paced. I feel great down there. I couldn’t help but let out a moan or two myself. She starts to rock back and forth in a slow paced belly dancing like motion. I squint my eyes a little and start to sigh. She lets out moans through her labored breathing as she continues to ride. Even if I wanted to get her off me and run away from this, I’m too tired to resist. I’m too tired to get up. I have no energy to move. Not even my pelvis. She’s doing all the work while I lie here in my comatose state, feeling every sensation from light-headedness to the pleasure of my loins. She bends down and once again, places her chest in my face, covering it in wool. I like it. I don’t want her to stop. It doesn’t take longer after that for me to finish. The passion fades and so do I. I wake up, to what seems like minutes later. So does she. It’s the sun is setting. The tangerine orange tinted sky and purple cotton candy clouds covering the skyline tell me so. I admire the skyline. Before I know it, I feel something off lie on my lower half. It’s the girl. “Want a round 2?” she says as my moist and limp member is being stroked by her wool. My eyes roll in the back of my head and I say “…so soft.” as I feel her mount me again.

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