A Quick Thanks

Stella and Jun thanksHi,

Just making a quick post to let people know that I most likely won’t be writing for TFT anymore. I’ll still hang around and pop in every now and then, but now that Falling Leaves is done I want to focus on reading and improving my writing. Eventually I want to build up the skill I need to publish something.

So, I commissioned Da3rd to make the lovely piece of art above, depicting Stella (from Aviators) and Jun (from Falling Leaves). Thank you all for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my time writing here.


26 thoughts on “A Quick Thanks

  1. Well, dang. I’m gonna miss you, mate, but it’s your call.

    Just toss us a link to your Amazon page when you’re a bestseller, eh?

    Take care of yourself, brother of storms.


  2. Eh?


    Who said you could leave?! What? I gave no permission to this!

    My Thunderbrother is abandoning me ;~;
    Are you going to keep popping up on IRC?

        1. You know what they say, Pop- if you love something, let it go.

          Unless it’s a helium balloon or someone dangling off the edge of a cliff, anyway.

  3. Aww we’re gonna miss your writings bud. Well, then again we can just reread your stuff, but still!

    May the Mofu be with you, and I hope you find really good reading material for your next endeavor of writing!

  4. Shit, I just barely finished Falling Leaves and Aviators and now I won’t be able to see more of those wonderful MG stories?
    May the gods watch over you while you continue your quest on writing, though!

    1. I’m woefully inexperienced as a reader, having only read most of the books in my life as school assignments. Growing up, I might’ve spent a lot more time writing than reading. Reading and gaining a larger personal repertoire of writing styles should help my writing in general as I write the novel I have in mind.

      1. Well, that makes a bit of sense.

        Doing some good analysis and editing can help you a good deal as well. In fact, I just so happen to know something being written that could use someone like that!

  5. Ah, sad to see a writer go. Thank you for your critiques, and your contributions to the site. Hope you find joy in your continued ventures, and feel free to drop by /monster/ every now and then!

  6. Man, such a shame; I really enjoyed your works. Was really hoping there would be more.

    Still, who knows, maybe your muse of creativity will start pestering you about it at some point and you’ll pick up the quill again. Whatever it happens, I wish you luck.

  7. There really ought to be more Stella art, she’s too much of a QT.

    Go commission some more Thunderbrother, it’ll be your compensation for leaving. Blood in, blood out!

    Blood in, blood out!

  8. Ah, come on man. You still haven’t written Creatures of Habit or that jinko mall cop thing yet. Plus the Falling Leaves epilog felt really rushed and forced. You can’t leave yet.

    1. >Creatures of Habit
      Ha, I forgot that I still have that paste of story ideas up.

      But yeah, I know the epilogue was rushed. I all but lost interest by that point. I might come back someday, though.

      1. >all but lost interest

        I figured that was the case. Reading it, it felt like you were trying to just get this shit wrapped up, “oh my god what was I thinking with that story thread Jesus Christ I’m pulling the plug” sort of thing. Thanks for taking the time to finish it, though. Nothing’s worse than a dead and unfinished fic.

  9. After stumbling upon this by chance, it really is depressing to see that Thunderbrother has been gone for years. Wish there was some way I could just send them a message saying “thanks for the stories.” Loved Aviators to death; it’ll stick with me for a long, long time.

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