Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day27)

“Are the Wonderland children acting up again?” Katy asked.

“About as usual as any other time…which is all the time~” Fubuki said.

“They’re really putting out caretakers to work…hopefully some new hires will alleviate the work-load, though I do worry about the newcomers” Katy said.

“Speaking of which, so far so good on Anon right? Kids seem to like him, and they’re showing much more self control than we thought” Fubuki said.

“They surprised me as well…I can’t believe how smoothly things are going…well hopefully he’ll have another easy night shift” Katy replied.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day24)

“Hm~hmhm~humana~” Fubuki amused herself to her own noises.

“Bored Fubuki? Not enough work?” Katy seemed like she was ready to dish out some labor.

“It’s no fun when Anon isn’t here…it’s like…great! Back to normal! Not even an incident to poke fun at” Fubuki said.

“That’s less paperwork, and insurance calls on our end! You should be happy Anon has went above, and beyond to not screw up” Katy said.

“Well…once he’s done in the underground…what do you think? Should we toss him at Wonderland?” Fubuki asked.

“We will…wait, and see” Katy did not say no.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 18)

“Hey Mizari, what’s up with that boy I almost jumped on the last time I met? Heard you two were hanging out more often” The Ghoul teased her caretaker.

“M-me!? A-and Anon? N-no it’s not…w-well he said hi to me…” Mizari murmured.

“That’s cool…hey want me to do you a solid, and follow him around…maybe find out what he likes, and tell you?” The Ghoul asked.

“T-there’s no need! I-I can handle this, we’re already friends!” Mizari assured.

“Wow…did he ask to be friends?” The Ghoul asked.

Mizari nods her head quickly.

“That means he likes you! Now I have to talk to him, I bet he’s really cool!” The Ghoul realized.

“J-just don’t bug him, and be sure to have your extra candy ready too! I don’t want you to do…anything rash” Mizari said.

“No problem Mizari, he’s all yours!” The Ghoul assured.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 17)

The little Doppelganger looks over her gear, devoted to assist Mr. Anon in the best way she could. She packed her tiny back-pack with all the essentials.

-A small bag of cookies; check!
-A box of band-aids; check!
-Colored Pencils, and notepad; check!
-A photo of Anon given to her by Fubuki who was passing them out to everyone without his permission…

With that she set out to look for Anon by asking one of the caretakers, and luckily for her, she spotted the founder herself; Katy minding her own business patrolling the halls. The Doppelganger wasted no time in asking where Anon might be today so she can rush over to his aid.

“Anon? Oh~ sorry little one, but I believe he has the day off today…No Anon this morning” Katy explained.

“Aw~” the Doppelganger was rather dejected…

One Night at the Jade Dragon

Contest entry: After losing his life savings gambling at the Jade Dragon, a man receives an unusual proposition from the casino’s foxy proprietress that sets off a chain of life-changing events.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 11)

“Anon I know you’re probably busy, but I was hoping we can grab a coffee together as fellow employees…Anon I know you’re probably busy, but I was hoping we can grab a coffee together as fellow employees” Mizari practiced her statement to prepare to say it to the real thing.

She took a deep breath, and opened the break room door wide.

“ANONIKNOWYOU’REPROBABLYBUSYBUT-B-Betsy!?” Mizari shouted until she saw it was only Betsy enjoying a bowl of salad.

“Sugar Plum? Uh~ were you expecting someone in particular sug?” Betsy asked.

“I-I-I was-I thought A-Anon was…h-here…” Mizari mumbled.

“…Anon has the day off today too, he ain’t coming back till tomorrow” Betsy said.

“…Oh…well I-I’ll go back to…work” Mizari mumbled.

“…Uh~ I-I’m free in a little bit…would you like to grab some coffee, and cookies with me?” Betsy asked.

“…Okay~” Mizari agreed.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 2)

“So~ Nirvana, how’s our new employee I hired? What do you think of him?” The Echidna Katy asked her fashionista.

“Hm~ a bit of a stiff if you ask me, not the best fashion sense, but he’s harmless enough for the kids…I think he thinks I’m genuinely interested in him after our first time together” the Arachne Nirvana replied.

“Were you teasing our staff again, you know you can’t blame him for taking it the wrong way. I know how you like to toy with others” Katy scolded.

“Fair enough, I’ll give him a week to cut loose, and learn to have some fun, but if you ask me, I think you’re real concern is what our co-founder will do to him when she finds out…you haven’t told her yet have you?” Nirvana asked.

“Are you crazy? You know how she gets during the warmer seasons, we’ve been lucky she’s been relatively quiet and seclusive this past month, plus I don’t want her scaring away our new employee with her…’pranks’…” Katy put a strange emphasis on the work ‘prank’

“In any case, some of the kids who said hello to him want to meet with him again, seems like they all have something to say” Nirvana replied.

“I gave him another early morning shift with our kitchen manager, so long as they don’t mind waking up a little earlier than usual, we can arrange something, I just hope he’ll listen…” Katy said.


So, apparently there’s a new source of power newly discovered. Or something. Cutting edge.

Yeah, what a crock.


This story is the second installment of my original setting, Darkness Prevails.
I suggest reading the first one, Eyes in the Dark, first, as there are spoilers here for that story.

#Darkness Prevails


Girls Night

“Normally boasting a reserved and guarded disposition, the Anubis has thrown caution to the wind in an all out display to impress her mate.” the youko said in a fairly convincing British accent, her tone and inflection sounding as though she was narrating a nature documentary.
“Not to sound too immodest, but I think this works on a number of levels for me…” the Anubis began confidently. “I simply adore the Desert Kingdom motif, the fiber feels nothing short of divine against my skin and I must say….”
“It compliments my ass rather nicely.” she smiled, thrusting her backside and tail out for emphasis.