Arctic Emotions.

My contest entry for Unit_Zero’s “Extremophiles Anonymous” Contest.

In the harsh, unforgiving Arctic, animals that adapted to the environment struggle to live their day to day lives. What we humans take for granted is a struggle for survival for animals.

So what would happen if animals with Human like traits live in these hostile environments? Would they adapt? Would they die off? It’d be easier to follow their instincts as animals, but as half humans, instincts can only carry them so far…

Wolf Control

Re-releasing some of my earlier works. Believe it or not, this was my first Greentext.

A worker employed in Monster Girl Control (Sub-division of Animal control) picks up a feral wolf girl.

Crying Wolf- Chapter 6: The Whole of the Moon

The ogre doesn’t waste much time stomping her foot down on the patch of real-estate Talia was occupying an instant prior. However, the smaller werewolf managed to roll out of the way only to be sent flying after taking a glancing kick from the ogress.
However, the werewolf lands in a hunkered down position, looking almost like an Olympic runner at the starting gate somehow propelled backwards as her claws dig into the turf, slowing her momentum. She immediately gets back onto her feet seemingly unbothered by the abuse the ogress has been dishing out.

“Don’t you know better than to go after a wolf’s prey?” she speaks up.