A Crescent Date Before Christmas

Disclaimer: This is not one of my best pieces of writing and in hindsight is a bit cringe. I wanted to try something a bit different with the Christmas format while also including some references to my other works, but the end result isn’t up to my usual level of quality. For many people Christmas…

Have Yourself A Tsundere Little Christmas- Home For the Holidays With Anubis: Part 2

When I woke up the following morning, it almost looked as though the cabin had been ransacked before it occurred to me that Sakaali and I did this with our carnal hijinks.

The enchanting Anubis looked positively spent as she continued dozing in the cabin’s bed with me. Spent, but otherwise happy.

Taking care not to wake her, I gingerly got up and tidied up the place a little bit, uprighting some of the furniture we knocked over while she was riding me like

Have Yourself A Tsundere Little Christmas- Home For the Holidays With Anubis

Off in the distance, old-time Bing Crosby Christmas Carols were playing on a CD in another room. The four of us had gathered around the table, but as soon as the pot roast was served, there was noticably little conversation. For the longest time, the only sound is the occasional *tink* of silverware and cutlery against the plates.

“So….” my mother asks, breaking the silence at our Christmas eve dinner. “How did you two meet?”

I can’t help but chuckle as my girlfriend’s ears twitch a little.

Falling for the Manticore, Part 1

First story I have ever written outside of back and forth RP’s. Comments, corrections, and criticism are all welcome. This is going to be a good-sized, multi-part story. I am planning for 3-5 parts altogether and their will be smut in the next one I promise (Just the kind of guy who likes to take his time 😉 ). This is a story in the modern times where the order’s lies are exposed and the truth of monsters girls are revealed. There is racism and the like happening and our plucky hero ends up caught in a personal struggle with his own prejudice, love, and the changing external forces around them.