Monster Girl Mixer: Zeta Zeta Zeta House

Normally sorority parties at Lorem Ipsum University are raucous and rowdy. The sheepgirls of Zeta House tend to throw more…casual affairs. But sedate as they are, the boys who visit always seem to end up tired enough to spend the night. Good thing that the Zeta girls make excellent pillows!

Indian Summer Anubis

Amid an early autumn backdrop, a young Anubis travels to her father’s small New England hometown to meet her grandparents for the first time.

Boobs, Butt or Shoulder? You Choose

‘Oh, Master’s so energetic!’ giggled the holstaur as her fingers teased your own asshole, making a few larger shots of pearls shoot over her cleavage. ‘He came so much, his cream is so thick!’

The weresheep and Inari moved over to the holstaur as she dipped her fingers into the pool in her cleavage and started licking it clean. They joined her in rubbing the semen into her breasts and getting their fingers smeared with your cream, sucking it off lewdly as if they were giving the best blowjobs of their lives. You watched them, the extra stimulation they gave leaving you too drained and sensitive to do anything else.

Small Town Blues Ch. 5

*CRACKLE* “I SEE A RED DOOR AND I WANT TO PAINT IT BLACK…” Pain. Pain in the head. And the groin, but mostly the head. Made worse by the clock-radio’s shrieking declaration of its love for the darker portions of the color palette. I grope around to my left until I finally chance upon the…

Small Town Blues Ch. 2

*CRACKLE* “IN THE SUMMERTIME WHEN THE WEATHER IS HIGH YOU CAN STRETCH RIGHT UP AND TOUCH THE SKY. WHEN THE WEATHER’S FINE YOU GOT WOMEN YOU GOT WOMEN ON YOUR MIN-“ My hand comes down on the alarm clock with enough force to render a lesser appliance into slag. “AAAAAUUUUUUGH” I groan up at the…