My Amazoness from Pellucidar 5 of 6

I stopped what I was doing. And looked up. The world had gone silent.
There she was. I beheld my Dullahan standing just a few feet away. She was out of reach of my arms, but I wasn’t out of reach of her Big-Black-Scythe.
I saw many details in that moment. How sharp her scythe was. How dispassionately my Dullahan stared back at me. The way her long silken black-hair flowed in the breeze that wasn’t there.
She was a bit of cutie, in her own gothic way. She kind of resembled my Samantha. But that negligee of hers that barely covered her cleavage? Samantha would’ve never worn something so scandalous.

Home Improver Stories: June’s Revenge

The long awaited ending to the first season of the Home Improver series. As June exacts her revenge, what will the cost be to our heroines?

The Mob goes Wild 8

Pain wracked the form. The lack of adrenaline no longer no numbed the nerves. You curled and writhed in Karen’s arms. Bleeding out over the Corinthian leather. The pain was sharp, unyielding, like someone was constantly stabbing your stomach over and over. She cradled your head against her chest. Stroking your hair in some vain…

Sojourn’s End, Chapter 1 (Arawn Cycle 1)

Somehow, somewhere in the depths of the Multiverse a true Lord of Chaos had gotten ahold of my Covenant Artifact- and was preparing to summon me back into thralldom.
Feeling utterly helpless at my realization of the situation, I felt myself sliding to the floor of the bathing room, its cold tiles chilling my legs and buttocks.
I realized in shock that my Sojourn had come to an end. I did not know what the circumstances of the Chaos Lord who had ahold of my artifact was. But I did know that because of that Covenant I had signed with Chaos untold millenia ago, I would have to obey whatever they commanded of me.
A few minutes ago, I was afraid of hurting one or two innocents because of my lack of control. Now I was in mortal terror of how many more innocent lives would be extinguished because of the folly of my youth. A long time ago a world died because of me. I could not, would not countenance that again.

Chronicles of The Pax: Magisterium (3)

Samuel arrives in the Hub City of Magisterium, where the machinations of the continental nobles threaten to engulf him in intrigue and betrayal. Unknown to him, his brother Lloyd makes plans to confront him, convinced by the Conclave of the Faithful that he bears the forbidden taint of Mamono energy. Meanwhile, back at Caladon, Charles races against time to get to the bottom of the Conspiriacy which threatened the life of his father, Baron William, in the face of Jeremy’s growing insanity. But what good can come, of persuading the dead to tell their tales?