Mean Look

She raised her hands to her tiny little bra, also made of black silk and looking like a small ribbon running across her tits. She pulled the bit of skimpy cloth down, covering an exposed nipple. Her enormous tits bounced as she released the bra, now covering a thin strip around her nipples, the centre of her breasts, and her back. She lifted the part over her right breast, looking at the small yet hard nipple sticking out of her areola. She put it back down, covering up her nipple, and looked at the young man. He was gaping at her exposure of her soft tit, and his cock was hard enough to ram a spike into the ground. She grinned widely at him and sat back on the bed, placing her arms below her breasts. She started shaking them back and forth, enjoying how his eyes followed every movement of those rounded orbs.

‘Do you want them, slave?’ she asked, her tits jiggling harder with each word.

The young man’s eyes were too mesmerised by her swaying titflesh to answer. She repeated her question, and this time, he gave the briefest of nods, his eyes following her jiggling tits.

Dark Elf

Schoolgirls Aren’t All That Submissive

You were chained to a carriage’s walls and brought here into this school you had never heard of. You wandered the halls alone until you found some lost souls like yourself. After making a few friends with them and the higher graders, you heard the horrifying tales of what happened to the students here. They were all broken like beasts and turned into the personal slaves of different dark elves. You had no intention of ending up like that, so you schemed to escape. You set up the hidden cameras before the party they planned to give, and you attached them to recording devices. That way you would have proof of whatever the fuck was going on. You didn’t know whom it would help, but it was better to have proof than have others say you were making tall claims.

You glanced at camera number 87. There was a tall dark elf who went by Mistress Lola walking out of the room on it. She was rumoured to be the smartest, most sadistic, and the Domme of Dommes in the school. No one could cross her or cheek her, even in a fun way, at all. You and the rest of the school was scared shitless of her. She had a way of turning the tables of anyone who even thought of using her for sharpening their repartee. Her tongue was several times more vicious than a comedian’s, and her wit was hard to match even if you were a dragon. No one had gotten away with even trying to trick her.

Night Moves

Unwitting encounter between two people at the local drive-in-theater for VERY different reasons.