Playing Favorites – Chapter 18

In this final chapter, Jacinda and Chris look to the future with joy, apprehension, curiosity, and, of course, horniness.

Playing Favorites – Chapter 16

Chris and Jacinda deal with the fallout of their plan against Jeremy, and with another issue that is still hanging in the air…

Vanquished Queens: Master of Flames vs Royal Shadow Fang

During the Queen’s Blade Tournament, Nyx finds herself facing off against Elina Vance. However when it seems that the Vance Noble will eventually emerge the victor, Nyx plans to not only get the drop on Elina, but also exact her revenge on her former tormentor with help of her staff “Funikara”…

Duncan and Niasa – 7. A Different Kind Of Appetizer

Duncan visits Niasa on her workplace, and learns some things about his own work. The both of them share a lunch, then something else. Later, some awkwardness with Duncan’s boss turns into something else.