North Woods Christmas

Vanessa didn’t know much about structural engineering, but she knew enough that something about this gingerbread house looked a bit off.

If she had to guess, it would probably be entire chunks of the gingerbread house’s wall missing. Curiously, she could swear there were what looked like little fang marks around this missing gashes in the gingerbread wall.
Fang marks seemingly consistent with at least three of her daughters.

“Girls? You wouldn’t know anything about this….?” she asked while absently bouncing little Claire on her knee. The jinko mother was quietly grateful that her youngest wasn’t old enough to snatch stuff off of tables when they thought nobody was looking.

“About what, mom?” Eva asked innocently. Gabby and Layla were by the Christmas tree doing a rather poor job of trying to stifle their giggling.

“Try as I might, girls- I can’t figure out how this gingerbread house ended up with so many holes in it. I was wondering if you could maybe tell me….”

“I’m saving room for one of grandma’s pies.” Eva said nonchalantly.


“You’re from around here?”

The gorgeous bartender’s surprise was a bit understandable, since it was safe to say this ski resort didn’t necessarily cater to the ‘dying northern Maine mill town’ demographic.

“Oh, ayuh.” I nod in the affirmative.

“Whereabouts?” she asks, as I put my ID back in my wallet. The little plastic rectangle still has a tangible chill.

Seems like a silly question, but it’s not unreasonable for her to assume that the address on my driver’s license isn’t current.

“Castle Rock.” I say with a straight face.

She pauses for a moment. Clearly this girl has read her some Steven King.

“C’mon…..really- where are you from?”

“Cabot Cove?”

She didn’t say anything right away, but her eyes lit up.

“Jessica Oba-san?” she finally asks me excitedly.

“I’m sorry- what?”

“Oh…I’m sorry….” she gushed enthusiastically. “It’s just that we used to get Murder She Wrote on TV when I was growing up. Except in Japanese, it was called The Case Files of Jessica Oba-san. I used to love watching that show.”

Storm of the Century

The snow danced and swirled like thousands of little ghostly white dervishes in the glare of the headlights as the truck made its way down the darkened highway.

‘This is not her handiwork’ the driver said to himself for what must’ve been the thousandth time tonight. A massive winter storm system of ice, snow and gale force winds was stretching from Cape Breton to Michigan’s upper peninsula- and here he was in the thick of it, trying to keep one of the state’s highways open with metal on asphalt and thousands of pounds of silica and salt slowly draining from the dump body behind him.

Tonight’s storm had an especially harsher and far more unforgiving edge to it. Her handiwork had a seemingly more personal and almost warmer touch to them.

It was basically the difference between a snow day from school and the snows that trapped the Donner Party.

Nemo Me Impune Lacessit – Chapter 1

Nemo Me Impune Lacessit – “No one may touch me with impunity” motto of the Scots Guards.

“One night he had woken up to find himself frozen to the ground. He looked down to find his legs encased in ice, and tendrils of ice beginning to form over his shoulders. Thankfully a couple wacks from an ice pick freed him, but we noticed when we pulled him up that the ice under him had born the unmistakable shape of a woman.”

Good Tidings

“Eva, Gabby and Layla are here!” the Anubis pup announced excitedly upon hearing her mother’s words as she sprang up from the table.

Not even a second later, there was a loud knocking on the door, but Sakaali’s daughter was already off like a shot.

By the time Graham had got up from the sofa to get the door, Anippe’s paw was already on the door handle.

“You guys made it!” she yelled out excitedly as she threw open the door. A second later, she was tackled by the trio of young jinkos.

Have Yourself A Tsundere Little Christmas- Home For the Holidays With Anubis: Part 2

When I woke up the following morning, it almost looked as though the cabin had been ransacked before it occurred to me that Sakaali and I did this with our carnal hijinks.

The enchanting Anubis looked positively spent as she continued dozing in the cabin’s bed with me. Spent, but otherwise happy.

Taking care not to wake her, I gingerly got up and tidied up the place a little bit, uprighting some of the furniture we knocked over while she was riding me like

Have Yourself A Tsundere Little Christmas- Home For the Holidays With Anubis

Off in the distance, old-time Bing Crosby Christmas Carols were playing on a CD in another room. The four of us had gathered around the table, but as soon as the pot roast was served, there was noticably little conversation. For the longest time, the only sound is the occasional *tink* of silverware and cutlery against the plates.

“So….” my mother asks, breaking the silence at our Christmas eve dinner. “How did you two meet?”

I can’t help but chuckle as my girlfriend’s ears twitch a little.