Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 25

Weeks have gone by since Natalie moved in with her brother and his girlfriend. In that time she has bonded with both and while she found a great many peculiarities about them that raised more than a few flags her diligent investigation ultimately had them passing the vibe check. But just as she felt her heart at ease with the idea of leaving her brother in the capable hands of his quirky girlfriend Stanley does what Stanley does best and decided it was the perfect time to launch a tactical ballistic missile at her peace of mind.

Playing Favorites – Chapter 18

In this final chapter, Jacinda and Chris look to the future with joy, apprehension, curiosity, and, of course, horniness.

Playing Favorites – Chapter 16

Chris and Jacinda deal with the fallout of their plan against Jeremy, and with another issue that is still hanging in the air…