Bird’s Eye View: Chapter 7- Shapeshifter’s Creed

“Perri, I’m really really so-”

I don’t even get a chance to apologize as Perri’s right wing shot out and she delivers me the harpy equivalent of an open-handed slap.

Yeah- I definitely had that coming.

“You ass! What are you even doing!?” Perri hisses as I rub my cheek. Even though she doesn’t raise her voice, the harpy’s anger is still palpable.

Well, damn- that’s the million dollar question right there.

“Perri….I can explain….” I begin, but she cuts me off as her left wing shoots out and I’m on the receiving end of another harpy-slap.

Come on now- I can’t explain if she’s going to keep smacking me. Still, I should be extremely glad she hasn’t decided to use her talons or capoeira acumen on me.

“What’s wrong with you!?” she asked, never raising her voice, but making her agitation quite apparent.

Adventure of Rekka – Ch. 01-06

“What the FUCK is going on?!” he shouted.

Her eyes flashed larger trails of fire as she grinned down at him and responded cheerfully.

“That’s exactly what’s goin’ on if you’d just let me down!  You’re kinda strong for a man, ain’t cha? Normally this’d all be over but the screamin’!”

For your consideration: the tale of a cynical prick who finds his way to a world of monster girls and the shenanigans which follow.