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One can walk through an Amazoness encampment at any time and see at least one couple fornicating.
Hell, even the Plains of Pellucidar, was prone to dust storms that would last for hours. Thus, many of them take refuge, for those hours in tents.
But, like any other living creature in close confines, one needs a way to keep them from sniping at each other.
What better method? Than sex in public?

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“I’ve always found such to be ridiculous. I never understood why folks do that!” I smiled.
“Do what?” she asked, smiling yet not knowing why.
“Why on one hand, they claim to be against men appearing ‘womanly’. Yet are also determined to scrape off the very hair, that distinguishes them as male! They end up looking like women!” I snickered.

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She then sat herself next to me, and held her knife in front her significantly. Its blade now had a sheen of red on it. When I touched my hand to my throat, it came back wet with blood.
“You’ll heal.” She said when she saw me do that. As she did, she locked her eyes with mine. As she sat there, she lifted her blade and with one swipe, licked it clean with her tongue. I shuddered at the sight.

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And then the slab seemed to give way beneath me and I was plunging downwards, I was caught by a whirlwind and hurled upward, was tossed head over heels, dashed from side to side, hurled downward again, until my senses left me altogether, save for a sensation of bitter, bitter, cold.
Then I felt nothing, not even the cold. I became convinced, that I was dead, slain by a force that had lurked below the slab since the beginnings of Time.
Then I ceased to think at all.