Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 19)

Katy knocks on the single metal door in the building, from a slot near the top center a pair of sleepy eyes on a pale skinned face looks lazily upon her employer.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come with us? Why you haven’t even introduced yourself to the new guy yet” Katy urged.

“I’m afraid to report that there is still much to teach the new nurses that you have hired, so I shall ensure their capabilities first, and foremost before I can attend your meetings” the voice spoke out.

“Well…hopefully soon, we do miss your company after all…is there anything you’d like for me to bring up in our discussion?” Katy asked.

“Yes…I would like to monitor the new male…ask if he is willing to partake in medical examinations in the near future” she spoke once more.

“No problem! Hope to see you come out of your little lab soon!” Katy waved goodbye to her doctor.

Cut and Run Ch. 15 (Allen Belushi Cycle 15)

Idly looking around at all of the Home Improver sales flyers. I noticed that I had managed to wander into the B.O.B. alley.

I almost laughed, after I spied a couple of human women in Aisle 69. They were trying to not be too obvious about checking out what kinds of Battery-Operated-Boyfriends, that Mamono prefer to use.

I’ll give you a hint- those toys don’t use “D” batteries, they’re often powered with car batteries instead.