Worlds Apart

There’s a world apart from the everyday lives of students, shopkeepers, and salarymen in the Fusovian polis, Settsu. In back alleys, abandoned lots, and empty schoolyards, wayward youths battle for the right to call themselves, the Strongest Man on the Streets of Settsu. No one alive has a better claim to that infamous title than Marcus Mustang, a Hellene loner seemingly twice the size of his peers. He spends his days besting the toughest, meanest, and ugliest delinquents in street fights, earning him the name, the Bulking Bronco.

Until tomorrow, that is.

Tomorrow, the Bulking Bronco graduates from middle school, bringing an end to his reign. Too poor to continue into high school or to train at one of the many martial arts gyms in the city, his only future is menial labor and the struggle to survive alone. The dream of one day winning the world famous Gekitotsu Competition sets with the sun on his last day of school.

However, that day is not yet here, and the Bronco has an unexpected guest, the beautiful Fusovian girl, Ira Irie. No longer content with stalking, she confronts him with the hot-blooded passion of a street fighter. A single finger dares to call him out in what might be the hardest battle yet for the Strongest Man on the Streets of Settsu.

“I challenge the Bulking Bronco of Kitayama Middle School to a duel!”

Monster Wars: Revenge of the Humans

Humanity has endured the madness of those who call themselves gods for long enough. It is time that they activated their fully operation battlestation, time that they use their doomsday weapon to secure humanity’s future – and by extension, the world’s.