Foreign Affairs: Chapter 8

“What?”  “You heard me,” Greenglass said, giving Rowan a smug look over the top of her spectacles. “If only someone had been there to tell you about the complication to any trade route we try to establish in the north.” Did she gain something from being so meaninglessly petty or was this some kind of…

Wizardquest 3 Part 2: Nothing Good Happens in Cair

Tobias’s team pulls into Cair on their way north. The lively town is a bustling metropolis which should give the team a small diversion before heading north. Yet something lurks in the shadows, and a new enemy has their sights on a key member of the team…

Wizardquest 3 Part 1: The Beginning of the End

Something has happened to the leylines, forcing the Grand Wizard to call his allies across the realm of Deleor to a council. The Goddess, Phallia, has made her move and thus the adventure begins to stop her plans and save Deleor, no, the world once again. Now begins the final part of the Wizardquest saga.

Illusionistquest Chapter 19: Mental Breakdown

Fiora’s done it now. With your family and friends in danger you take things into your own hands and hunt her down, but end up falling into a trap! As everything crumbles around you, desperation leads you into a risky ploy: Face Fiora head-on, and end her once and for all.