My Amazoness from Pellucidar 4 of 6

One can walk through an Amazoness encampment at any time and see at least one couple fornicating.
Hell, even the Plains of Pellucidar, was prone to dust storms that would last for hours. Thus, many of them take refuge, for those hours in tents.
But, like any other living creature in close confines, one needs a way to keep them from sniping at each other.
What better method? Than sex in public?

When Husbandos Become Waifus

‘You sure it’s this way, Anon?’ asked someone in the back.

You nodded. ‘I’ve been this way before. No worries, guys. We’re not lost until Adam trips over a tree root and sends the rest of you behind him down on his back.’

Everyone laughed.

Adam groaned. ‘Stop bringing that up all the time, dude.’

‘Someone has to bring things up when you’re brought down,’ you retorted, to another round of laughs.

Night Moves

Unwitting encounter between two people at the local drive-in-theater for VERY different reasons.