Pi-Rats of the Sea

Another day at port.

Another crate to count.

Everything seems to be going just about right… but where the hell did this thing come from? There’s nothing on it. No paper, no holes to see what’s inside, no crew member to keep an eye on it. Must’ve been left behind. Someone’s going to end up on spending the night in the crow’s nest if that’s the case.

Oh well, it’s not my problem. Time to finish the count and then get some lunch… hmm. Wonder what that was. Sounded like a knock… ehh, screw it. I’m hungry.

Chronicles of the Pax: Atlantea (2)

Their worlds shaken by the catastrophic Awakening of Samuel’s Resonant ability, the Brothers of House Caladon find themselves truly alone for the first time in their young lives. Will Lloyd’s dreams of becoming a paladin come to frution? Will Charles be able to solve a brutal murder before his cruel brother Jeremy uses it as an excuse to exact further horrors on the Mamono of Caladon? And will Samuel safely reach Magisterium after traveling through the chaotic Free City of Atlantea, and crossing the deadly open ocean?

Pirate Progress

Here be the first sketch. Yarrr. This is already looking all sorts of delicious and .less is still working on it. Since this is a community driven picture, make sure to leave comments on this post if you have any ideas or suggestions or feedback for him. Tomorrow he will begin coloring the piece, so…