No Arrest for the Wicked 1: Bad Cop

Bouncing between homes, Eli’s done his best to stay away from anything resembling law enforcement, and so far it’s actually worked. Constantly looking over your shoulder, however, is a bit stressing, and at the insistence of one of his co-workers, Eli takes a trip to a state-of-the-art full-immersion VR facility. But it’s not exactly what he was expecting.

Holding Hands

The rod of steel was stopped inches from Kazumi’s head before it could enter her brain. Kazumi’s paw was locked around the middle of the blade, and she wasn’t even bleeding. The knight landed on her heels in front of the eight-foot tall beauty, struggling to make her sword move an inch. She couldn’t. Kazumi’s grip on the blade tightened, and then she simply twisted her paw around. The blade shattered into pieces, leaving the empty hilt in the knight’s hand.

The knight gaped at the part of her sword in her hand, her face a picture of shock and awe. She then raised her eyes to Kazumi’s face, and screamed in frustration. She swung the useless hilt at Kazumi’s side, but it was intercepted with a powerful paw gripping her wrist. She turned the knight’s arm around, bringing it behind her back, and grabbed her throat with the other paw in a death grip.