Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 23)

“Lady Ryu…we’ve noticed that there has been a spring in your step lately…but you suddenly ceased…is there anything concerning you?” A passing Inari shrine maiden asked her Lady Ryu Kosame.

“Well…I was just thinking about things…lately…” Kosame said.

“We also noticed a certain someone hasn’t visited your shrine in quite a while…” the Inari added.

“I suppose that is the case…I-I barely…noticed…” her tone felt fleeting, from casual to sad in only a few words.

“Cheer up my Lady Ryu! Surely it means your blessings are helping him substantially…no doubt he will return to you to tell you all this himself” the Inari read her like a book.

“Y-you think so-well I mean…so long as he is happy that is my happiness, I…I should get to work myself, in case anyone wishes to visit me” Kosame said.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 20)

“Sigh~ so long as it’s for the children, I am okay with this” Katy said.

“Real bummer about that fountain…gotta admit, even I liked it to an extent, not a lot of water tubs can fit someone like me you know” Nirvana said.

“You’re being awfully considerate, more so than you usually are” Katy said.

“I lost my fair share of possessions I cherished too, and besides it’s no fun to toy with you girls if you’re in a bad mood, if there’s anything I can do to relieve you of your sadness, I’ll…think about helping you” Nirvana said.

“Gee, thanks…how about you start by helping me take care of that little Wonderland problem then?” Katy suggested.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 19 Part 2)

As the good doctor of the Orphanage steps out of her office to fetch herself something to eat, she walks along the hallway noticing how still, and quiet it is.

Without warning a wall of sticky web attempted to ensnare her, but with a flash of powerful violet flames ejecting from the palm of her hand, she burned the trap without even having to stop looking forward.

“Drat, you really are a tough one to catch my dear…” Nirvana grumbled as she appeared from one of the many doors.

“These games of yours are tiring…you’re usually more clever than that too, is something the matter?” The doctor asked.

“Eh, just bored…the kids are surprisingly well behaved despite Katy, and Fubuki being gone…and to think I volunteered to patrol thinking I’d find a delinquent or two” Nirvana said.

“Well there isn’t much we can do about it…if you are through trying to catch me for the…37th time…would you care to share a meal with me?” The doctor asked.

“Fair enough…always wondered what a Lich would eat if not their test subject” Nirvana shrugged.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 19)

Katy knocks on the single metal door in the building, from a slot near the top center a pair of sleepy eyes on a pale skinned face looks lazily upon her employer.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come with us? Why you haven’t even introduced yourself to the new guy yet” Katy urged.

“I’m afraid to report that there is still much to teach the new nurses that you have hired, so I shall ensure their capabilities first, and foremost before I can attend your meetings” the voice spoke out.

“Well…hopefully soon, we do miss your company after all…is there anything you’d like for me to bring up in our discussion?” Katy asked.

“Yes…I would like to monitor the new male…ask if he is willing to partake in medical examinations in the near future” she spoke once more.

“No problem! Hope to see you come out of your little lab soon!” Katy waved goodbye to her doctor.

The Demon Braves

While the Renaissance brought hope for a better future, the world of Praxis went through some very dark times indeed before that age began. Some six decades before the Renaissance a group of women was brought together for an experiment by the Demon Kingdom to learn more about the transformation from human to mamonme, but afterwards were instrumental in stopping a malicious plan decades in the making, earning them the title of Demon Braves. Yet their history was nearly lost until efforts were made in the Renaissance to uncover it.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 18)

“Hey Mizari, what’s up with that boy I almost jumped on the last time I met? Heard you two were hanging out more often” The Ghoul teased her caretaker.

“M-me!? A-and Anon? N-no it’s not…w-well he said hi to me…” Mizari murmured.

“That’s cool…hey want me to do you a solid, and follow him around…maybe find out what he likes, and tell you?” The Ghoul asked.

“T-there’s no need! I-I can handle this, we’re already friends!” Mizari assured.

“Wow…did he ask to be friends?” The Ghoul asked.

Mizari nods her head quickly.

“That means he likes you! Now I have to talk to him, I bet he’s really cool!” The Ghoul realized.

“J-just don’t bug him, and be sure to have your extra candy ready too! I don’t want you to do…anything rash” Mizari said.

“No problem Mizari, he’s all yours!” The Ghoul assured.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 16)

A lone orphan Doppelganger looks both ways before crossing the hall…the soft tapping of her little shoes echo loudly as the only source of sound. Scurrying to her little haven found at the Orphanage library she finds shelter in the soft lighting, and tranquil atmosphere.

As she wonders of what small tale to pass her time with in the myriad of books on the bookshelves, her concentration was blindsided by the chattering of other children as they were exiting the library.

“I finally saw Mr. Anon! He was so nice, and cool!” A passing auburn feathered Harpy in her pre-teen squealed.

“Aw~ lucky! I’ve been looking all over for him! I heard he’ll play with you lots if you find him!” A Kobold with hair, and fur of soft, almost white brown.

“Yeah! He taught me how to preen myself better with his fingers! *Ah~* I wish I had fingers~!” The Harpy swooned.

“I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I want to meet him! I always just catch his whiff, but he’s always gone!” The Kobold whined.

“Maybe one day we can find him together then! I’ll search through the skies, and you run around the ground and we shout whenever one of us finds him!” The Harpy declared.

“Great idea! Great idea! I can’t wait!” The Kobold cheered.

The two girls left soon after, leaving the young Doppelganger with mixed feelings.

“…I-I guess I’m the only one who’s not allowed then…” the Doppelganger murmured to herself.

Suddenly she didn’t feel like enjoying herself anymore…

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 14)

“I know she might be a little…clingy, but honestly she’ll calm down after a while! She’s just been so lonely for so long you can’t blame her” Katy tried to defend one of her orphans.

“…Hm~ well I suppose my partner did try to lead her on…how are you doing in there sweetie?” A newly wedded wife asked her husband in a rather troubling situation.

“…All I said was that her fire looked cool, and we were thinking about adopting someone” The recently hitched husband replied.

He was left squatting in a small cage with a little Will-O-Wisp cuddling him, the flames dissipating enough displaying the young girl’s satisfaction.

“W-we can take him out of the cage soon! Sweetie, maybe we talk about this first-” Katy began.

“No! My dad!” The Will-O-Wisp was rather defiant.

“Mizari taught you better than this you know” Katy reminded her.

“B-but…no one loves me~” the Will-O-Wisp started to cry.

“Aw, don’t feel too bad…you kind of reminded me of when I was young, and dressed up all goth, and stuff, it’s cool” the man assured.

“No~” Katy groaned under her breath while the wife sighed to herself.

“MY DAD!” The Will-O-Wisp cheered up right away, and squeezed him with new vigor.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 13)

“Really!? T-truly mean it!?” Mizari cried out, almost shocked to the core that a single moment of kindness was bestowed upon her.

“Well sure sugarplum! Why not? It’ll help me prep fer tomorrow morning’s breakfast so we both win in the end!” Betsy replied gripping Mizari’s hand for support.

“I-I’m sorry I didn’t recognize your kindness for so long! I only heard rumors, but I should have believed in you from the start!” Mizari squealed as she struggled to keep the tears from flowing.

“Aw~ shucks darn, I ain’t all that sugar-plum. I just like helping my friends is all, and any friend of Katy is a friend of mine!” Betsy assured.

“Friends…yes! I would love to be friends with you! D-do you think the others will be friends with me too?” Mizari asked.

“They’re already your friends silly-billy, in here all of us are family sug~! Now get to mopping Anon will be here any moment! You just be yourself, and I’ll root from you in the kitchen!” Mizari reminded, and assured her.