The Pulver Chronicles – 7. Meet Me In The Woods Tonight

Jackson’s first mission among the Children of Nayros takes a strange turn.

The Pulver Chronicles – 6. I’m In The Band

Jackson was led inside the Hazy Narrian. They entered a small lobby, with no furniture or decoration. There was a door opposite the entry, through which Jackson could hear muffled voices, coughing, and a slow tune played on a chord instrument. The Lizardman working the reception desk recognized the Goblin, and gave him a silent…

Arctic Emotions.

My contest entry for Unit_Zero’s “Extremophiles Anonymous” Contest.

In the harsh, unforgiving Arctic, animals that adapted to the environment struggle to live their day to day lives. What we humans take for granted is a struggle for survival for animals.

So what would happen if animals with Human like traits live in these hostile environments? Would they adapt? Would they die off? It’d be easier to follow their instincts as animals, but as half humans, instincts can only carry them so far…