Heroes, Chapter 1

A dragon endangers a town of monsters and men, and a young monster-hunter is sent to deal with it – and finds the most unlikely of helpers. Meanwhile, forces of the Holy Orders have their own designs for the people of New Haven… Features a dragon and wyvern primarily, with many other supporting monstergirls. Explicit content.

A Garden of Delights

Civil unrest grows ever broader as the true extent of Mamono impact upon human life makes itself evident. Financial crises and unemployment are rampant, even the sciences are feeling the pinch. It is in this uncertain time that Ashley Hendricks finds himself, with a possible way out of the directionless subsistence existence of the welfare class, a way held open by a Mamono hand. But The Order too offers its temptations, and more and more Humans are willing to bear its brand for the chance to be more than the world has allowed them to be.

My Amazoness from Pellucidar 3 of 6

“I’ve always found such to be ridiculous. I never understood why folks do that!” I smiled.
“Do what?” she asked, smiling yet not knowing why.
“Why on one hand, they claim to be against men appearing ‘womanly’. Yet are also determined to scrape off the very hair, that distinguishes them as male! They end up looking like women!” I snickered.