An Arrival of a Rival. CH16

A few months after moving into their new home, Reiza contemplates what she could do to contribute to her new family. She couldn’t go back to what she was doing before, but it was all she knew.

Seeking advice, Reiza goes sets up a date with Trisha to get a second opinion.

(Art by rlobado @Fiverr)

A’Maze’ing Hunt

A bit late, I know. But I written it already and I’d rather not waste it.

After a four eager bachelors get an invite to a spooky corn maze, they find themselves chased by Monsters. Only these monsters weren’t what they expected. For they did not hunger for their flesh…

Trisha’s Hubby (An Arrival of a Rival Gaiden Chapter) Part 2

Part two of Trisha’s love life with Markus.

After persuading Markus’s parents to have him come to her humble abode, Trisha celebrates Christmas Eve with him, spending the later hours of their companionship in intimacy. Where will things go from here?

An Arrival of a Rival. CH15

The day of they move in to their new home has finally arrived.

To start off her new life with Faulkner and Karika, Reiza goes shopping with her best friend Kilala, as well as the Chesire twins Nala and Mala.

Unfortunately, their move in day doesn’t go as planned, much to Faulkner’s chagrin.

(Art by rlobado @Fiverr)

An Arrival of a Rival. CH11

Arriving at their destination, Trisha and Faulkner meet Denise’s boss Reiss, an influential Gyoubu Danuki as she discusses several important matters with them.

At the same time, Rieza, Karika, Tera, and Kilala meet up with the rest of the gals at Aphrodishiack where they hold a pre graduation party, both to celebrate their graduation and to help cheer Reiza up.

(Art by rlobado @Fiverr)