An Arrival of a Rival. CH19

As Faulkner works hard to tutor another Societal Norms Teacher, Dorephine, he gets a call from Reiss regarding hiccups in her plans at a TMRC institute she plans to open in Guatemala.

Forcing his hand, Faulkner forces Karika to tackle one of her biggest hurdles in life. Driving.

(Art by rlobado @Fiverr)

Arctic Emotions.

My contest entry for Unit_Zero’s “Extremophiles Anonymous” Contest.

In the harsh, unforgiving Arctic, animals that adapted to the environment struggle to live their day to day lives. What we humans take for granted is a struggle for survival for animals.

So what would happen if animals with Human like traits live in these hostile environments? Would they adapt? Would they die off? It’d be easier to follow their instincts as animals, but as half humans, instincts can only carry them so far…

The Pulver Chronicles – 1. A Simple Kind Of Man

Jackson Pullver is a young soldier in the US Army. One day, as he and his squad are sent on a field exercise, they make a strange discovery.

An Arrival of a Rival. CH18

Nearing the tail-end of the week, Karika and Faulkner get a chance to catch up on much needed sleep. During the weekend, Faulkner begins to doubt how he’ll care for his eventual family with how busy all three of them, prompting Reiza and Faulkner’s first real argument.

(Art by rlobado @Fiverr)

New Opportunites

  The gentle clink of a spoon stirring in a glass was the only sound that punctuated the stillness of the clear spring morning. A young man with black hair, brown eyes, and an average height stood motionless, lost in deep thought.    Adam leaned against the counter, staring out into the distance, his mind…

Decadent Delights

Yes, I know it’s a little late for Valentine’s Day. Don’t care.

A love letter to the #Warm Delights series, I bring you Decadent Delights. A side story from another story about a Nurarihyon running into a kindred spirit while also drinking good coffee.

A huge thanks to Sukiru for allowing me to make a sidestory of his works.

An Arrival of a Rival. CH17

A few months after Trisha gave birth to Vey, she thought it was about time she and Markus went on a proper honeymoon. Problem was, they had to find someone to look after Vey for a whole week.

Seeking Faulkner’s help, he’ll happily agrees to look after Vey if Karika and Reiza also agree. Will the three of them survive a week caring for Vey?

(Art by rlobado @Fiverr)