Sands and Sinners – Prologue

Rafeel Soban, a graduate of the Coalition Military Academy. Somewhat above average in the class of intel officers but non-the-less very capable. Rather than being assigned to a Coalition sponsored expedition like he expected, he was stuck onto a solo private expedition as a favor owed to his (former?) best friend. Only that his destination doesn’t quite match up with the original plans…

The Pulver Chronicles – 1. A Simple Kind Of Man

Jackson Pullver is a young soldier in the US Army. One day, as he and his squad are sent on a field exercise, they make a strange discovery.

Or Die Alone

When a shipment of weapons goes missing on a remote mining colony, Agent Boyd is sent to assess the situation. What he uncovers is a plot to take control of the planet, but during his getaway his spaceship is shot down. Stranded on the planet’s moon and with only his survival suit at his disposal, he must find a way back to civilization, all while trying to deal with an unwitting alien companion.

Bogeys Writing Event Ch 7

Previous chapter: Here None of the trio plus their harpy friend heard the messenger enter the mess hall over the PA system loudly announcing the base’s warning for an imminent full moon. Mark had made a stupid quip about Rachel hunting down him and Steve back in a poorly timed night exercise right as the messenger…