Decadent Delights

Yes, I know it’s a little late for Valentine’s Day. Don’t care.

A love letter to the #Warm Delights series, I bring you Decadent Delights. A side story from another story about a Nurarihyon running into a kindred spirit while also drinking good coffee.

A huge thanks to Sukiru for allowing me to make a sidestory of his works.

Dark Elf

Welcome To The Sex Dungeon

The kid blushed harder and started unbuttoning his jeans, letting them slide down to his thighs. They started falling down his legs on their own with gravity, and he squealed and grabbed them, pulling them back up. His thighs were pale and slim. That was all she had been able to see. She licked her lips. His shyness was so adorable she could have eaten him up at that moment. 

Although she wouldn’t have minded teasing him and bullying him into taking off his clothes, she really wanted to play with him. He had a kind of cuteness which made everyone want to laugh at him, but play with him and hug him close at the same time. It was hard to explain why.

Irina walked closer and knelt in front of him. He stared at her with big, innocent eyes which looked a little fearful, as if she would judge him for how he looked. Giving him a soft, comforting smile, she reached forward and pulled his hands away. She started taking his clothes off herself while he stood there, frozen, apparently too scared to protest or stop her. She pulled his jeans down to his ankles, then pulled on his foot to make him step out of them. She tugged it off his ankle and gently lifted his other foot. She took it off the other leg as he put it up, and then tossed it away. He was wearing a pair of Mickey Mouse briefs, his hands over his cock. She looked up at him, her heart almost wringing itself out at the adorable little creature. Leaning forward, she planted a gentle kiss on his stomach, a little above the belly button while raising his T-shirt at the same time. He gave a small gasp as she  pulled it up to cover his head, and then pulled his arms out of it. His arms were a little skinny, but felt so soft in her hand. She held his wrists in one hand and pulled his T-shirt over his head, letting it fall to the floor. She moved to remove his underwear, but he placed both hands over it again and shook his head.

Dark Elf

Schoolgirls Love To Fuck

‘Their balls and cock hang outside, so it’s a piece of cake,’ she finished. ‘You can arouse them easily, and you can give them pain when they disobey you even quicker. Let me demonstrate, darling.’

She leaned forward to give his cock a kiss, and then grasped the shaft in one hand. She began stroking it up and down softly, covering the head with more kisses and licks without letting it enter her mouth. She let her other palm brush along his delicate sack, stroking them with an open hand. He moaned and began bucking his hips before long, his cock standing up like a flag at full mast. 

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

You woke up, feeling really groggy. Every part of you hurt. Not just your head though, even your pelvis and backside hurt. You were on the bed, the silk covering your wrists and ankles gone, and in the arms of your arachnid dominatrix. Though she seemed normal again, wearing her kimono and hugging you close, rocking your body back and forth. 

You looked up at her, sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face and holding you close to her. If only she had been like that last night.

Her eyes opened and met yours. They were no longer red, they were now just as deep and soulful as when you met her. You recalled her behaviour towards you the previous day and cried out in panic, scooting away from her. Looking surprised, she moved forward and gently took your shoulders in her hands, leaning forward to kiss your cheek.

There’s So Much Pleasure in Pain

You sat down with your collar and leash still held by the dark elf, sipping a Bulmer’s. At least you were clothed now.

The dark elf had teased and threatened you with consequences of your defiance by dragging you outside without any clothes on and letting everyone see your state. Your face burned and you swallowed down the feeling of humiliation as you thought about being dragged out naked with a huge hardon and being dragged along like an animal. You almost dropped to your knees and pleaded with her not to be so cruel, but decided to retain a semblance of dignity and not just bow to her will. She kept taunting you for what felt like hours, occasionally stepping out and forcing you to follow with a tug on that leash which you were itching to cut in two. She would step back inside and laugh at you mockingly, caressing the sides of your face and leaning in to press her nose against yours while making kissing motions.

Big Bad Wolf

I shouldn’t have come here. I really, really shouldn’t have. Especially not alone – what was I thinking?

From my vantage in the corner, nestled safe against two walls – or as safe as one could feel here – I tried to make myself as small and insignificant as possible. Unfortunately it seemed that the more I tried to hide, the bigger the target it made me for lecherous stares and leers. Being the only guy in here sure put one hell of a target on me.

Women of every sort undressed me with their eyes, taking me in from top to bottom. A minotaur with all kinds of chains on her horns. An ushi-oni wearing studded leather. A kitsune with probably at least a dozen piercings in each ear, one in her nose, one on her lip. Oh, I caught her eye again, though before I can look away she reveals that yes, her tongue is pierced as well.