The Pulver Chronicles – 10. I’m No Fortunate One

It wasn’t until two weeks later that Jackson heard from Voldus Nechido again, in the form of a letter sent by a courier, a young boy maybe ten years of age. The kid was over the moon when Jackson gave him a silver steed as a tip; the latter still had difficulty understanding the value…

The Pulver Chronicles – 9. A Man Of Wealth And Taste

Meeting with a Prince Merchant, an intimate conversation with a strange creature, and alcohol-fueled shenanigans make for an interesting day in the life of Jackson Pulver.

An Arrival of a Rival. CH19

As Faulkner works hard to tutor another Societal Norms Teacher, Dorephine, he gets a call from Reiss regarding hiccups in her plans at a TMRC institute she plans to open in Guatemala.

Forcing his hand, Faulkner forces Karika to tackle one of her biggest hurdles in life. Driving.

(Art by rlobado @Fiverr)

The Pulver Chronicles – 8. A Flickering Midnight Light

Everything was dark. It wasn’t the sort of darkness one would observe on a moonless night, or when locked in a room with no window. Not just obscurity, but a complete absence of light. A darkness so deep it took Jackson an eternity to grasp the fact that he was still conscious, and not in…

The Pulver Chronicles – 7. Meet Me In The Woods Tonight

Jackson’s first mission among the Children of Nayros takes a strange turn.

The Pulver Chronicles – 6. I’m In The Band

Jackson was led inside the Hazy Narrian. They entered a small lobby, with no furniture or decoration. There was a door opposite the entry, through which Jackson could hear muffled voices, coughing, and a slow tune played on a chord instrument. The Lizardman working the reception desk recognized the Goblin, and gave him a silent…