Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 25

Weeks have gone by since Natalie moved in with her brother and his girlfriend. In that time she has bonded with both and while she found a great many peculiarities about them that raised more than a few flags her diligent investigation ultimately had them passing the vibe check. But just as she felt her heart at ease with the idea of leaving her brother in the capable hands of his quirky girlfriend Stanley does what Stanley does best and decided it was the perfect time to launch a tactical ballistic missile at her peace of mind.

Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 24

Stanley and Ezraphel aid Natalie with moving into their abode and amidst the shenanigans brought on by their interesting relationship dynamic of the two siblings their recent estrangement, issues both unresolved and newfound and the looming specter of a terminal illness serves as a constant undercurrent of tension throughout the entire journey.

Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 23

Following an interruption that cancelled their date before it could even begin Stanley and Ezraphel venture to the hospital wherein the former receives news of his older sibling whom he hasn’t seen or contacted in almost a year. The news doesn’t sit well with him and in his demand for answers he might have made things worse.

Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 22

It’s the last day of the weekend trip and Stanley is just about done with the situation but unfortunately he doesn’t have the luxury of just washing his hands of the whole incident especially after a conversation with Ezraphel leads them to stumble upon a revelation that rocks the Lilim to her core forcing Stanley to swallow his reservations and make the ‘ultimate sacrifice’ to salvage his relationship and avoid a possible catastrophe.
But just when things were finally starting to go their way that bastard Murphy hits them with the stealth takedown on their parade.

Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 20

Now that he’s had sufficient time too cool off Stanley decides the next course of action is to confront Liam with the truth and lay all the cards on the table in the name of transparency. With that long explanation done he leaves the couple to discuss their next course of action while he figures out how best to deal with the roiling emotions and pent up aggression caused by Ezraphel’s mess without resorting to taking it out on her.

Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 18

Amelia’s condition progresses to near disastrous results but before she completely loses it and does something she can regret her latest encounter with Ezraphel provides some much needed relief followed by a world shattering reveal that has her questioning the very nature of her existence and the question now becomes does she reject this new reality…or embrace it.