Mors Funebris Ch 1, P 3 (Arawn Cycle 15/Helvetia Cycle 6)

With one hand holding her current favorite dildo poised between her legs, and the other hand lightly stroking her chest and tummy, Winnie slowly lowered the glans-end of her dildo down to its intended target.

‘Oooooh!’ she moaned silently, as she began stroking her major labia with her dildo. ‘Aaaaahhh! This is just what I needed!’ she thought to herself, as her eyes rolled back into her head with the genital-sparkling pleasure. Her tongue lolled as she finally, spontaneously inserted the dildo’s glans-head fully into herself, stretching the minor labial lips. Then she moaned some more, as she enjoyed feeling it fill and widen her aperture to its limit.