My Poisonous Friend – Ch.3

I don’t remember being carried into Aemilia’s clinic, those months ago when I arrived in the Lamia Islands. I had been drifting in and out of a morphine haze, arguing with myself whether I was dead or alive. I wasn’t too worried about being dead because there was already an angel leaning over me, with golden eyes and rainbows in her hair. Wherever I had ended up couldn’t be that terrible.

Then the painkillers wore off and it really was terrible. When breathing hurts, everything hurts. Each cough felt like a ribeye was being carved out of my chest. For a while, being alive seemed like a consolation prize that I’d’ve readily traded for a good cup of coffee and a long, breathless sleep.

But the angel was still there with me, with soothing hands and a siren’s voice that I couldn’t help but follow out of the darkness. The rainbows were real, too, teases of blue and pink and green that reflected from the mahogany scales of her tail and plekti. I’d focused on the colors while Aemilia wired the jagged ends of my rib back together. I’d followed them with blurry eyes during the painful weeks of therapy afterwards.

Now my knock brought a puzzled angel to the door…

An original tale set in Okayado’s Monster Musume world.

Mark and Yurilee hunt for Julian. To Mark’s delight, their search leads them to the lovely lamia doctor who stitched him back together when he first arrived.

Mark and Madiyan return in the sequel to “In From the Cold”.

My Poisonous Friend – Ch.2

The hopeful flicker in Yurilee’s eyes stung me a bit. I knew we probably weren’t going to find Julian on the island. Well, maybe proving he was gone would bring her some comfort, instead of leaving her thinking that her former lover had ditched her and was taking pleasure with other lamia women. I didn’t know if she cared about such things. Maybe I just wanted assurance that I wouldn’t have to talk shop with the man again. That sounded good in my head.

“Mark.” Her eyes were somber green jewels. “Is it shameful that I want to speak with this man again? Do you forgive me for asking these things of you?”

“Yuri, you’re the most gracious person I’ve met since I’ve been here. And as much as I like having you to myself,” I teased, “I can’t tolerate disrespect to a lady. So let’s go to the town hall and see what they can tell us.”

An original tale set in Okayado’s Monster Musume world.

Yurilee wants a favor, and Mark reluctantly agrees. Madiyan is extremely pregnant. A mystery begins to unfold.

Mark and Madiyan return in the sequel to “In From the Cold”.

My Poisonous Friend – Ch.1

Khalil snorted. “You dirty old man. This is the right place for us.”

I laughed along with him, and envied his certainty. Beyond the Quarter, where men gathered amid the hoarded scraps of their old lives, the island and its inhabitants were still foreign to me. Hardly hostile, but it was obvious that the lamia villages were not designed by, or for, human men. I didn’t know where I fit. Was I retired now? I didn’t even know if I could really hold a job here.

Well, moving to an unfamiliar country is always challenging, and I’d survived culture shock before. It wasn’t like I could go back now. My old life was buried under a stone with my name on it, somewhere in a Virginia cemetery. I doubted that anyone had left flowers…

An original tale set in Okayado’s Monster Musume world.

Life in the Lamia villages has its pleasures…and its perils. Culture shock is only one of the many challenges in Mark’s new life.

Mark and Madiyan return in the sequel to “In From the Cold”.

In From the Cold – Ch. 3

“Are they here to take me to the airport?” she whispered.

We hadn’t turned the cabin’s lights on.  I stood at the window facing the driveway and brushed the curtain aside, carefully.  “Not in that jeep, they aren’t.”  My neck stiffened as the vehicle’s interior lights flicked on.  “And not with those guns.”

Madiyan hissed something rapid and nasty.

“I don’t know what you said but I agree with you.  Come with me.”  I grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the kitchen.

An original tale set in Okayado’s Monster Musume world.

An unquiet night and unwelcome visitors. Mark makes a decision with lethal consequences. Conclusion to “In From the Cold.”

In From the Cold – Ch. 2

“What is this place, anyway?”

“The campsite, you mean?” I sat on a stump, stretching my back. “Used to be a ‘wilderness retreat’, built by a couple of enterprising hipsters. Must have thought that stressed-out D.C. workers would fall over themselves to spend a weekend at a data-free hideaway. Didn’t count on smartphone addictions, I guess. Bank sent it to auction about a decade ago. I’m sure it’s owned by a shell corporation now, but I couldn’t tell you the name.” I shrugged. “Not something I ever needed to know.”

“And what is it used for now?” she asked.

“It’s…” I gave her a redacted version. “…sort of a place where we help people disappear, usually on their way in or out of the United States. Like you.”

“And like you?”

I was supposed to lie. For some reason I didn’t. “Yes, you could say that.”

An original tale set in Okayado’s Monster Musume world.

Mark and Madiyan spend a long, frigid day together at the cabin. Lies are told, and secrets are revealed. But real truths remain elusive.

In From the Cold – Ch. 1

Let me tell you how I died.

It’s an ugly little story. I imagine you’d need to pass a serious background check, swear allegiance to the U.S. flag, and have a damned good need-to-know before you heard anything about it, officially.

But I don’t worry so much about security regs anymore. Being dead, and all. I’ve changed some names for discretion’s sake, that’s all. There aren’t any innocents to protect.

So here we are.

In any case, this is what happened…


An original tale set in Okayado’s Monster Musume world.

In an isolated cabin in the West Virginia mountains, an aging caretaker finds himself hosting a lamia woman who is facing deportation. However, neither the caretaker nor his young guest are exactly what they seem, and may have more in common than they suspect.

Lamia Bogey

Back to index Back to library Species: Ogre, Reptile, Lamia Habitat: Unclear, cold weather preferred Disposition: Gentle, devoted, dominant, maternal Diet: Omnivorous, male spirit energy   Unlike her cold-blooded sisters, the lamia bogey is a bogey native to cold-weather environments. Due to their plush nature, their bodies, especially their tails, can trap large amounts of…

Vanquished Queens: Amara Princess VS Veteran Mercenary

After suffering a crushing defeat, a broken and weakened Menace comes across the ruins of her long forgotten kingdom. And upon exploring its depths she discovers a new blessing in the form of a long-forgotten power… but when a certain Elf Mercenary discovers the very same ruins, she decides to test out her newest powers on her opponent…

A sticky gal in a sticky mess.

Always fascinated with the world of art, I poured my passions towards drawing, which eventually turned into graphic design. Though after graduating college, the jobs that were in great abundance were ironically eroge games, well as long as they involved Monster Girls that is.

Yes, Monster Girls have been a part of Modern society for quite a while now. Popularizing their appeal to the general masses via eroge games seemed to be a popular approach, so that’s the direction my life eventually led to. Drawing lewd Monster girl pictures for people to fap to.