Inari Kitsune’s Cooking Classroom

“See that you do, Monsieur Poirier, as I do not wish to see you go the way of your predecessor.” She answered off handedly.
“My Predecessor?” I inquired.
“Hai!” she returned, and then leaned over to whisper into my ear, “Food Poisoning.” She said in the quietest of whispers. I gasped involuntarily.
“He is still on Emergency Matrimonial Leave,” she continued, “and I expect him to remain in that status, until such time as his wife feels that he can be trusted out of her sight.”

Good Tidings

“Eva, Gabby and Layla are here!” the Anubis pup announced excitedly upon hearing her mother’s words as she sprang up from the table.

Not even a second later, there was a loud knocking on the door, but Sakaali’s daughter was already off like a shot.

By the time Graham had got up from the sofa to get the door, Anippe’s paw was already on the door handle.

“You guys made it!” she yelled out excitedly as she threw open the door. A second later, she was tackled by the trio of young jinkos.

Girls Night

“Normally boasting a reserved and guarded disposition, the Anubis has thrown caution to the wind in an all out display to impress her mate.” the youko said in a fairly convincing British accent, her tone and inflection sounding as though she was narrating a nature documentary.
“Not to sound too immodest, but I think this works on a number of levels for me…” the Anubis began confidently. “I simply adore the Desert Kingdom motif, the fiber feels nothing short of divine against my skin and I must say….”
“It compliments my ass rather nicely.” she smiled, thrusting her backside and tail out for emphasis.

The Ties That Bind: Castaway

A lost viking in a land of monstrous women finds himself a captive of slavers. What is their intent? Where are they bound? And what fate do his gods have in store for him adrift from the world of his birth?

A Whisper of Dusk, Chapter 1, Sojourn’s Ending (Arawn Cycle 7)

But, my mood was elevated when I observed the sun peeking through the endless clouds for a few seconds.

I just stood there for a couple more hours observing what I could of the city and waiting for a repeat viewing of the sun. Eventually, Afrodille joined me in silently watching the view. It seemed out of character for her to do so. But, it was good for my mood to have some company.

When I mentioned to her my witnessing of the sun, Afrodille became anxious. According to her, such a sighting of the sun was locally known as a “Whisper of Dusk”; and was considered a bad omen to the one who had observed it. She asked me to be careful that day. I took her concerns serious and assured her that I would.

The Knight’s Tale

1 v 3 has never looked so good, and losing a fight sounded so sweet. In the midst of a pitched battle between the forces of the Demon Lord and a Crusade of the Order, Ser Luke von Drachen will find himself in dire straits against a bevy of lethal beauties, all determined to claim him as a war prize!

Best Laid Plans

Another collaboration with Noizyboy.

After witnessing a proud and boastful Anubis reduced to a meek, blushing, quivering mess by her husband’s assertive pampering, a Jinko personal trainer begins the mad dash home with some ideas of her own.

Healing Wounds

‘I don’t know why this is happening,’ he said quietly. ‘I think both of us are now …’

He trailed off. How were you supposed to say that you had fallen for someone because they tripped your heartstrings? However, Mayumi came to his rescue.

She leaned forwards and kissed him on the lips.

Haruto’s eyes widened as her tongue entered his mouth. He felt her paw reach to the back of his head and grab his hair. Pulling it back, she trailed her tongue over his lips and then buried it into his mouth, finding his tongue and twisting hers around it.