Back to index Back to library Species: Ogre, Slime Habitat: Unknown, all attempts to find out have ended in terrifying failure Disposition: Dominant, possessive, obsessive, agressive Diet: Unknown, possibly able to consume anything Shogeys as the name implies are a subtype of bogeys and shoggoths. Their forms are utterly bizarre, as they appear to be…


A cartographer sets out on a mission of discovery, mapping a strange, foreign continent full of exotic beasts and mysterious natives at the behest of his employer. The further he heads Westward, the more bizarre his journey gets, the very land itself somehow twisted and blighted. Despite the danger, he is compelled to press on by a plea for help from a stranger who believes that he may be her people’s only hope of salvation.

Birth of a Wish

“There is no salvation for you,” the demon smirks from behind a gilded skull goblet.
Casey Logan fights to prove her wrong inside the salt strewn hellscape of the Akna Montes colony, alone. He clings to the hope of finding a ship in the last of the colony’s hangar bays. With a ship he can radio his separated men. With a ship they can escape together.
At the moment when the world ceases to make sense and the pillars that holding him up crumble into salt, will Casey feel the death of despair or the birth of a wish?

I See Something

A kikimora’s friend had not answered any calls for almost a week. When she decides to go check for her she doesn’t find any signs of her in her house. She found something else, or maybe something else found her instead.