Fear of Inferiority

Do you know the saying that we’re never alone in this world? I used to dismiss that as mere fiction since we weren’t able to find proof of sentient life outside of our planet. Turns out, I was dead wrong.

Not only do living beings out there like us exist out there, but it also proved one theory. The multiverse theory. It states that if it’s anything the human man can imagine, it exists somewhere out there. I just never imagined the first thing we’d encounter out there were sexy monster girls.

They became the topic of discussion when they first arrived. Only recently popping up about some five years ago, they took the world by storm. With no rhyme or reason for their appearance, they proliferated with the help of eager men and even women alike. I’d be lying if I didn’t have an interest in them myself, but there’s just one thing I value more than just mass sex appeal…


David is a gymcel who has devoted his life to forging the perfect body. He follows his training and diet more strictly than most people do their religion, even going so far as to abstain from relationships with monster girls, believing they’ll keep him from the iron paradise. One day, he forgets his Order ring which protects him from their advances and keeps him focused. A certain hellhound notices, and leaps on the opportunity to take advantage of him.