Ushi-Oni vs Minotaur: The Gladiators

The minotaur struggles and tries to kick with her hooves, but she’s being pinned down very tightly by the ushi’s arachnid portion. She spits out some mud and tries to slam her head backwards into ushi’s jaw, but the ushi’s bulging 30″ biceps are enough to stop a sword coming at her. She throws her head backwards to minimise the impact and strains against the minotaur’s head and explosive neck muscles, finally gaining the upper hand and slamming her face back into the dirt.

Two minutes later, mino-chan looks like she took a bath in chocolate ready to be licked off. Very dirty chocolate. The ushi is about to slam her whole body into the mud for the nth time, when the minotaur taps out by slapping her muddly hand against ushi’s forearm. The ushi-oni drops her challenger and lets out a victory roar as the whole stadium erupts around her.

You jump up and down in the bleachers, cheering madly for ushi-chan. This one is particularly cute, and you’re looking forward to saying hi to her and then waiting for the next match. Maybe they’ll have a red and blue oni next, where the blue oni wins due to her superior skill, or an ogre versus an amazoness. The amazoness slipping and sliding in mud as she uses the broad hilt of her sword to smack the ogre’s ass would be really hot. Or a jinko.