Spirits and Stingers

Martin Wagner moved into the Australian Outback, settling down in a small home and making his living in Brisbane.
After he got horrifically scarred by an exported “beer” from Australia, he decided to make his own.
He did not expect an exotic, monstrous lady to find her way into his stash and he had to act swiftly in order to not get eaten.
Oh only if he knew…

Friendly Competition

James is new to the Pinwheel, and the first place he finds himself is the bar, where he meets a friendly Borealan named Datz. As he gets to know the rowdy alien, they’re interrupted by her acquaintance, a Polar Borealan named Railha who seems intent on showing Datz up. James soon finds himself moderating a drinking competition between the two rival species.

Monster Girls 2020: Monster Date, the Newest Dating App!

A man down on his luck watched the news one day to find a new app is sweeping the nation. With nothing to lose, he downloads it and finds it works far better than he had dared to hope.

First actual story set in the original Monster Girls 2020 setting

Small Town Blues Ch. 4

*Click-shhhhhhh…* The not-quite-cold-enough beer can hisses in protest at being opened too early and half-heartedly spits out a blob of foam that threatens to run over its edge and onto the table before I catch it. Slurping through the foamy head at the top of the can I eventually hit liquid beer and then keep…


OK- too early to tell, but this could be the best home-invasion ever.

No Stockholm syndrome, honest.

Suddenly she backs away as though she just thought of something. A playful little grin plies the corner of her lips as she’s blushing lightly- it’s pretty clear that even though she backed off, she is by no means finished with you.

Naughty werepanda schoolgirl heads to the counter to inventory the trick-or-treat candy. She seems to be looking for something specific. Her face lights up a little before she grabs some strawberry licorice sticks from the leftover trick or treat candy.

You’re not sure what she has in mind until she slowly and deliberately walks back to where you’re sitting.

“I give you something sweet now, yes?”

[MGP] Body Shots

When a bunch of different Mamano decides to show up to my manor at one time looking for some relaxation, things tend to get a bit chaotic. Earlier this week I had a set of Arachne sisters, a few Kitsune, and one Blue Oni. It has been an alright week besides being snagged over and…

Your Drunk Mistress

(Character in the cover by Kenkou Cross) After a long day of cleaning his Dark Elf Mistresses home. Matt crawled into his queen size bed, then covering himself up with the simple plain white sheets and black comforter. Matt was a simple teen, short black hair, slim non muscular body, pale white skin due to…