Bird’s Eye View: Chapter 7- Shapeshifter’s Creed

“Perri, I’m really really so-”

I don’t even get a chance to apologize as Perri’s right wing shot out and she delivers me the harpy equivalent of an open-handed slap.

Yeah- I definitely had that coming.

“You ass! What are you even doing!?” Perri hisses as I rub my cheek. Even though she doesn’t raise her voice, the harpy’s anger is still palpable.

Well, damn- that’s the million dollar question right there.

“Perri….I can explain….” I begin, but she cuts me off as her left wing shoots out and I’m on the receiving end of another harpy-slap.

Come on now- I can’t explain if she’s going to keep smacking me. Still, I should be extremely glad she hasn’t decided to use her talons or capoeira acumen on me.

“What’s wrong with you!?” she asked, never raising her voice, but making her agitation quite apparent.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 26)

‘I got a good feeling about this year’s celebrations!” Katy said.

“I’m not…every time I get ask the same question…’are you going to dress up as Spider Gwen, and every time I remind them that her backside can’t hold a candle to mine…not to mention my bountiful bosom” Nirvana scoffed.

“Speaking of…who do you think will win in a fight!? I have high hopes for my Solid Snake!” Katy said.

“For the last time Katy, just because his name has the word ‘snake’ in it, doesn’t mean he is directly linked to them” Nirvana said.

“Well that’s easy, obviously Mr. Freeze is top dog! I mean, I don’t mean to brag, but me, and him are kind of complex characters so we can relate on that” Fubuki said.

“You are delusional Fubuki…given my time in the…*ahem*…craft I have deduced that Doctor Doom’s supperior intellect will trump any foe” Rin said.

“Same goes for you too Rin, just because his name has the word ‘doctor’ in it doesn’t mean-” Nirvana said.

“He has a PHD” Rin added.

“How about we have a little more fun with this…what do you say Rin?” Fubuki challenged.

“Very well…let us set the stage first though…no need for collateral damage” Rin said.

“Well at least you’re being civil about it.” Katy said.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 18)

“Hey Mizari, what’s up with that boy I almost jumped on the last time I met? Heard you two were hanging out more often” The Ghoul teased her caretaker.

“M-me!? A-and Anon? N-no it’s not…w-well he said hi to me…” Mizari murmured.

“That’s cool…hey want me to do you a solid, and follow him around…maybe find out what he likes, and tell you?” The Ghoul asked.

“T-there’s no need! I-I can handle this, we’re already friends!” Mizari assured.

“Wow…did he ask to be friends?” The Ghoul asked.

Mizari nods her head quickly.

“That means he likes you! Now I have to talk to him, I bet he’s really cool!” The Ghoul realized.

“J-just don’t bug him, and be sure to have your extra candy ready too! I don’t want you to do…anything rash” Mizari said.

“No problem Mizari, he’s all yours!” The Ghoul assured.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 16)

A lone orphan Doppelganger looks both ways before crossing the hall…the soft tapping of her little shoes echo loudly as the only source of sound. Scurrying to her little haven found at the Orphanage library she finds shelter in the soft lighting, and tranquil atmosphere.

As she wonders of what small tale to pass her time with in the myriad of books on the bookshelves, her concentration was blindsided by the chattering of other children as they were exiting the library.

“I finally saw Mr. Anon! He was so nice, and cool!” A passing auburn feathered Harpy in her pre-teen squealed.

“Aw~ lucky! I’ve been looking all over for him! I heard he’ll play with you lots if you find him!” A Kobold with hair, and fur of soft, almost white brown.

“Yeah! He taught me how to preen myself better with his fingers! *Ah~* I wish I had fingers~!” The Harpy swooned.

“I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I want to meet him! I always just catch his whiff, but he’s always gone!” The Kobold whined.

“Maybe one day we can find him together then! I’ll search through the skies, and you run around the ground and we shout whenever one of us finds him!” The Harpy declared.

“Great idea! Great idea! I can’t wait!” The Kobold cheered.

The two girls left soon after, leaving the young Doppelganger with mixed feelings.

“…I-I guess I’m the only one who’s not allowed then…” the Doppelganger murmured to herself.

Suddenly she didn’t feel like enjoying herself anymore…

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 13)

“Really!? T-truly mean it!?” Mizari cried out, almost shocked to the core that a single moment of kindness was bestowed upon her.

“Well sure sugarplum! Why not? It’ll help me prep fer tomorrow morning’s breakfast so we both win in the end!” Betsy replied gripping Mizari’s hand for support.

“I-I’m sorry I didn’t recognize your kindness for so long! I only heard rumors, but I should have believed in you from the start!” Mizari squealed as she struggled to keep the tears from flowing.

“Aw~ shucks darn, I ain’t all that sugar-plum. I just like helping my friends is all, and any friend of Katy is a friend of mine!” Betsy assured.

“Friends…yes! I would love to be friends with you! D-do you think the others will be friends with me too?” Mizari asked.

“They’re already your friends silly-billy, in here all of us are family sug~! Now get to mopping Anon will be here any moment! You just be yourself, and I’ll root from you in the kitchen!” Mizari reminded, and assured her.