Bird’s Eye View: Chapter 6- Tact and Tactical

“Who are you working for?” the cupid snapped impatiently. “There’s no way a dumbass like you could traffic all those extraspecies by yourself!”

Nope- not gonna dignify that question with a response. I keep quiet as I suddenly catch a whiff of formaldehyde.

“You’re making this too easy, Custer.” a voice familiar taunted.

God damn it- of course it had to be Zombina. FUCK! That smirking ginger zombie had to be enjoying every moment of this.

“Tell that chopper to move to the assembly area- I can’t fly five feet thanks to the rotor wash!” the cupid barked to somebody over the radio.

“Ma’am- this is a crime scene.” I can hear one of the other officers say. “I’m going to have to ask you to keep back.”

Only she wasn’t talking to Zombina.

“Hold up! Hold up!” another familiar voice called out.

The pushy raccoon-dog drew incredulous glares from the cupid and zombie as she made her way through the police cordon as though she was daring anybody to stop her.

“I’m sure you girls would get in really big trouble with the U.S. Attorney’s Office if their big case got thrown out because my client was roughed up while in your custody.” Akagane continued, looking around reproachfully at Bina, the cupid and other officers still in tactical gear.

The Diary of a Chimeranologist: Fragment Two

The early 19th century roars ahead as modern science begins taking shape. Its adherents charge ever onward to discover the unknown and detail the obscure. Despite being a woman, the intrepid kikimora of noble birth, Sashenka Demidov, counts herself among them. Having narrowly avoided the grip of death in the forests of South Africa, she awakes in an inhospitable land of red sand and scorching heat, determined to continue her quest to shine a light upon the monster girls of this world.

One Night at the Jade Dragon

Contest entry: After losing his life savings gambling at the Jade Dragon, a man receives an unusual proposition from the casino’s foxy proprietress that sets off a chain of life-changing events.

Extended Weekend

The Anubis pup’s ears twitched as she looked towards the entryway, moments later the door opened and Anippe was off like a shot

“Auntie V!” She called as she wrapped herself around the jinko’s leg the second the front door closed behind the jinko.

Looking down, Vanessa laughed “Well hey there stranger! What brings you here?”
Anippe giggled “I’m spending the weekend here! Remember?”

“Of course I do!” Vanessa said as she gently pulled the anubis off her leg.

Art rounded the corner and pulled his wife into a hug “Hey you!”

Anippe stood on her tiptoes and gently pushed her ear against Vanessa’s slightly rounded stomach after Vanessa was embraced by her hubby.

“Hey Claire, how are you doing?” she asked the little bump.

While her name wasn’t set in stone yet Anippe had fallen in love with one of the possible names that Art and Vanessa were considering.

Desert Jewel

The future looks rather bleak for Samira, a slave girl in the desert of the Southlands. She’s prayed to the Goddess for years for some kind of respite from her life, but maybe she’s been praying to the wrong goddess?


This story is part of my original MGE setting, Darkness Prevails. (Click its tag for the others.) It is the fourth entry of the series, but can safely be read out of sequence of the others.  Enjoy!

#Darkness Prevails


I’m Not Well: Part 1

I’m Not Well Part 1 Two Bodies “Do you know what I love about this country?” Al-Frado began. “It is the emptiness. See out your window? Nothing, dirt and sand as far as the eye can see. And yet our ancestors fought the last great war here.” “Yea.” I replied in the affirmative, transfixed on…

Alone in a Tent

“What is it that you do?” She elaborated, chuckling softly to herself at some slight joke, “When you’re not being dragged into the desert by an annoyed Princess in a rush.” She could joke at her own expense? That was a surprise. Even to her, perhaps.

“I’m a scribe’s assistant.” He told her, “I spend my days running about the archives, sorting, copying, running errands, occasionally a trip to another town or city.” He explained to her.

“Ah, so you’re the assistant scribe…” She mused, nodding her head a tiny bit.

“What does that mean?”

“Well, I may not have memorized your names, but I did pick each of you for a particular reason.” She began to elaborate upon what she’d said, “As I told you, I was to help construct a new palace. A new city around it even. I’d need different people to fill certain roles to get things started.”

“Including a scribe’s assistant?”

“Including a scribe’s assistant.” She repeated with a chuckle. Or perhaps, more of a giggle? That could’ve been his imagination though, “I would’ve needed someone to help me sort through and draft plans and such.” She further elaborated.