Birth of a Wish

“There is no salvation for you,” the demon smirks from behind a gilded skull goblet.
Casey Logan fights to prove her wrong inside the salt strewn hellscape of the Akna Montes colony, alone. He clings to the hope of finding a ship in the last of the colony’s hangar bays. With a ship he can radio his separated men. With a ship they can escape together.
At the moment when the world ceases to make sense and the pillars that holding him up crumble into salt, will Casey feel the death of despair or the birth of a wish?

The Flower With No Name

Cold, alone, and starving, a young boy desperately searches for a way home in the forest he’s lost himself in. As he’s about to succumb to hunger and exposure, the sweet scent of hope tickles his nose. With his last burst of strength he chases after it, but will it lead him to salvation or damnation?