Fire Lake: Part 3

“Say, how are you able to sense demonic energy anyway?” Star asked. Dain looked up, seeing the Salamander standing nude in front of a polished piece of steel that adorned their cavern wall. She was modeling her new hair-ribbon with an excited grin, her rather formidable posterior thrust out and her back arched. It had…

Drag Me To Hell (Prologue & Chapter 1)

Prologue (Original Greentext)

>Unassuming citizen of MGC
>Spend your days trying not to get raped by monstergirls
>Get oggled by monsters all day at your job
>Too poor to afford car.
>Have to walk home, never use the same path twice
>Live like you’re being stalked, but you’ve gotten pretty good at avoiding rape.
>Never been caught by even the most predatory monsters.
>Come home, start to unwind, celebrating another rape-free day
>Suddenly flames everywhere