My (No Longer) Normal Life at the Warm Delights Cafe

Another day, another cup of coffee. Rosa tries her best to make it through life and maybe find love along the way. It all changes when she comes into contact with a Lich. Will she succeed in finding love afterwards or will she find her chances dashed against the rocks of rejection.

My Amazoness from Pellucidar 6 of 6

“Uh, yeah.” I said quietly. “Who was it?”
“I don’t know.” Thirn answered fearfully. When I looked at him then, I saw that he was scared. “For all of my abilities, I cannot discern who ‘They’ are. All I do know, is that they manipulate us. To what end? I can only speculate.”

My Amazoness from Pellucidar 5 of 6

I stopped what I was doing. And looked up. The world had gone silent.
There she was. I beheld my Dullahan standing just a few feet away. She was out of reach of my arms, but I wasn’t out of reach of her Big-Black-Scythe.
I saw many details in that moment. How sharp her scythe was. How dispassionately my Dullahan stared back at me. The way her long silken black-hair flowed in the breeze that wasn’t there.
She was a bit of cutie, in her own gothic way. She kind of resembled my Samantha. But that negligee of hers that barely covered her cleavage? Samantha would’ve never worn something so scandalous.

Mors Funebris Ch. 2 P 8 (Arawn Cycle 28/Helvetia Cycle 18)

“I am Princess Romilia Smith de’ Cor’Meum. Daughter to the Queen of Hearts, Misrelda de’ Cor’dibus and the Human, Eric Smith… of the place called Earth.” 

“Earth!” Arawn gasped quietly in surprise, as did many of the surrounding Mamono courtiers.
‘A descendant of a denizen from one of the Earth-Shadows? This is decidedly most intriguing! I wonder how he managed to get here!? (1)’

Wizardquest 2: Chapter 10- Hard as Steel

The mummy’s curse begins to ravage your body, making you lusty. Unfortunately you’re surrounded by cute girls! Fortunately Ammon, the information broker, knows how to fix your condition, but in doing so you might break off more than you can chew…

Mors Funebris Ch. 1 P. 5 (Arawn Cycle 17/Helvetia Cycle 8)

“What is it?” she asked out loud, as she saw him begin to inspect it.
“It appears to be a form of sex toy.” He said holding it up. Tia noticed then that it was a dildo, of a penis that looked familiar to her. She also noticed that the smell of chocolate had increased tenfold.
Instinctively, she reached out and took ahold of it, and placed it under her nose. Arawn didn’t resist. But he was surprised at what she did next.
She took a bite out of it.
“Mentor!” he half-shouted, aghast. “We have no idea if that is even edible!” he protested.
“Don’t worry about it Arawn, it’s edible.” She replied around her mouthful. “In fact it’s quite delicious!” she said as she continued her chewing.