Home Tutor

‘Take it out for now, Anon,’ your teacher hissed, her voice thick with desire. ‘I want you to blow that load all over my rippling asscheeks!’

‘Yes, sensei!’ you moaned, your voice taking on a higher tone due to your excitement. You slid your cock out of her tight ass and placed it between those fat cheeks. You started thrusting back and forth, gasping. You fucked your sensei’s jiggly bum as hard as possible as she squeezes her own cheeks over your cock. She started sliding your meatpole up and down between her ass. You were so turned on and frustrated, you grab her butt and slap it hard, leaving a red welt and getting a sharp cry from Manami. You spanked her again and again, leaving marks up and down her asscheeks while your massive dong slides up and down her smooth buttcrack, leaving a lot of wet slickness and spit dripping from your sensei’s ass.

Alone in a Tent

“What is it that you do?” She elaborated, chuckling softly to herself at some slight joke, “When you’re not being dragged into the desert by an annoyed Princess in a rush.” She could joke at her own expense? That was a surprise. Even to her, perhaps.

“I’m a scribe’s assistant.” He told her, “I spend my days running about the archives, sorting, copying, running errands, occasionally a trip to another town or city.” He explained to her.

“Ah, so you’re the assistant scribe…” She mused, nodding her head a tiny bit.

“What does that mean?”

“Well, I may not have memorized your names, but I did pick each of you for a particular reason.” She began to elaborate upon what she’d said, “As I told you, I was to help construct a new palace. A new city around it even. I’d need different people to fill certain roles to get things started.”

“Including a scribe’s assistant?”

“Including a scribe’s assistant.” She repeated with a chuckle. Or perhaps, more of a giggle? That could’ve been his imagination though, “I would’ve needed someone to help me sort through and draft plans and such.” She further elaborated.